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  1. fragfabi

    ZerOS 8

    Hi, there is still no version 8 !!! We are using in our rental company frog2, solution and Orb xf desks. We need pixel mapping too. If there is still no answer, we will change the desks and will buy some other desks. We are waiting since the year 2012 !
  2. fragfabi

    Frog2 crashes after Update 4.2.15

    Hi, i've tried something. I think the problem is that the frog2 doesn't boot from the update cd- I've put the update cd into a notebook and the cd start's the system and will install the software on my notebook. Why does the Bootloader on the update - cd not run on the frog2. Who has the boot cd with the OS Version 3. The iso image of this CD is 120MB. Thanks Andreas
  3. fragfabi

    Frog2 crashes after Update 4.2.15

    Hi, i have made an update from version 4.0.1 to 4.2.15- Now the frog2 crashes when i press the setup key. What can i do ? Can i make a downgrade to version 4.0.1 ? Where can i get the older Version ? I've tried to make the full Update with the Update-CD. This Crashes after the message booting from cd... loading stage2. The frog2 goes in an endless loop. The frog2 tries always to boot form the cd and so on... Why does the Frog2 not boot from CD ? Thank you Andreas

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