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  1. is there any chance the window will show the last cue recorded - kind of hard to explain, but when i add a new cue, i have to scroll down the page each time to see it.... also, is there any way of printing a list of the cues in each stack (ooooh, now there's a request!) Cheers
  2. ah makes sense - thanks ;-) (couldn't find anything in the manual about it??)
  3. guys -all sorted. i had to untrigger s2 before it would let me see s1 again - doh thanks for all the help though!
  4. tracking and stomping????? whats that all about? your description sounds exactly like what is happening - so what do i do? my stack 1 is saying go to stack 2 (but not realeasing stack 1 as it does that.....) and my next cue (in stack 1) is saying release stack 2 (and i just assumed it would go back to the state programmed on that cue in stack 1) does that make sense!?
  5. ok, now re-played, and i have my entire show on stack one, and my chases are going to fill up stacks 2+ I have a chase on stack two, but once it's played back, i can no longer see stack one without deleting stack 2 (sorry - confusing!!) i've used syntax to make stack 1 cue 14 playback stack 2 (by using 'G2') and then on stack 1 cue 15, i've put in an new state, with 'R2' to release the chase and return to a generic state. I presume I have all faders up for the entire show - is that correct? - as it doesn't work at all :? :oops: Cheers
  6. also now when trying to playback my cues on stack 1, they dont show, only if the stack 2 fader is up do they show - and the go button for stack 2 is always flashing!
  7. guys have progammed my first chase, but, it's not working properly. it's keeping the same parameters for the fixtures as the cue before, and has kind of overlapped the generics and movers together? the movers were deffinately tagged when programming in stack two.. also, do i need the fader up for stack 2 all thorough the show? i've added the syntax g2 for when i want the chase to start, and then r2 on the next cue when i want it to end - but no joy. :-(
  8. indeed it would, thanks :-D
  9. thanks - so is it not possible to trigger the next cue automatically when the scrollers are say, half way through chaging?
  10. to make scrollers change nice and quietly, i need them to do this over 6 seconds or so. however, i also need another cue to happen whislt the scrollers are changing. can I overlap 2 cues?
  11. what you said is exactly what I've done. I cant understand why they dont self address. i'll give tech support a ring in the morning - thanks. ;-)
  12. cheers mate, sussed that now :-) As for the DB4s, I have tried all modes, just cant get them working individually, i think it's just going to be a 'keep playing til it works' matter!!
  13. More questions i'm afraid. how do i select an individual fixture to program rather than an entire group? More questions to follow i'm sure! Thanks
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