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  1. Thanks for that link - can't believe I didn't find it on my own!
  2. Hello, would it be possible to get a profile for a Chauvet Q-wash 419Z? Cheers
  3. Here's an example of what I'm trying to do - imagine I'm busking a gig, so no cues programmed, just submasters mostly with generic and fixture brightness programmed and then various palettes programmed for live playback. Say there are 4 fixtures across a back bar of the stage and at the moment they are pointing at the stage as backlight (position palette 1) and I want them to move slowly up through the crowd so that they point at the back of the venue (position palette 2). Is there any way of achieving this slow tilt up without the lights just going to the new position quickly (i.e. the d
  4. Hi, on a Fat Frog, I have a couple of movers doing a slowish searchlight thing in one cue (using the Figure8 effect in the position mode) and then in the next cue they are doing more or less the same (Figure8 effect) but slightly faster. The problem I'm having is that when I go from the first cue to the next the movers cut round to the start of the effect and then begin to move again, rather than just continuing the effect but increasing the speed smoothly which is what I'm after. Is it possible to do anything about this? Cheers for any help Roy
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