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  1. koen

    Manually Fade Between Memorised Scenes

    Hey, I'm a new Jester48 user since 2 months and I'm so glad to work with it that I bougth an other one for a dance theatre where I'm working too. We bought it because it is so easy to learn and work with the console. Yesterday I read the forum topics and I was glad to see that Zero88 accept comments and work on it. My favorite is the USB keyboard connection. So also I want to make the following suggestions: - In run mode is the B-master fader unused. Proposal: When the fade time knob is at the maximum,can the B-master-fader be used to do the crossfade manual? - In recordmode is the B-page knop unused. Proposal: With the B-page knob are the programmed submasters available on the faders to create a scene? - In Super User mode, DMX patch: Proposal: Can you create the possibility to enter a max level for each DMX-channel? E.g. <DMX001><CH01><85>. Where the 85 is the percentage of full at max fader level. Anyway : it is fine to work with this console! Regards, Koen

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