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  1. mikewoodld

    Clay Paky 700 HPE

    Any luck in finding this file? I mistakenly thought that it was already in the desk and didn't realize that the HPE wasn't. And there is a show tonight. Sigh...
  2. mikewoodld

    Load kills all active outputs

    Seems like this would be solved with a "merge" command when writing to existing scenes or cues.
  3. mikewoodld

    Library for VIVID

    The profile will not control the fixtures. At all. I will try again now that the other problems are fixed with the board.
  4. mikewoodld

    More Issues

    The sub circuit board is hopefully being replaced tomorrow. I hope that makes the problems go away. I will swap the color things after I get it back. Parking - Really? Something as basic as parking is limited to certain consoles... come on.
  5. mikewoodld

    Library for VIVID

    Profile doesn't work.
  6. mikewoodld

    More Issues

    It turns out that the whole submaster chip was bad. I took the console to the dealer in our area, we metered both the button and the fader, and there were no problems - disconnected the whole card and rebooted the board, and it worked. I can't even narrow down where the problems are, and I don't know what is causing them - here are just a few: 1) 4 mac 250 entours, using the standard profile provided in the console. When rebooting, the fixtures default to strobing when the intensity is brought up - not a fixture issue, because the board is actually saying that they are strobing. The only remedy seems to be to change the type of the fixtures to the EXACT same type and readdress them (to the same addresses) every time the board boots. 2) randomly the fixtures (mac 250s, colorblasts) pop to home and lose all programming - completely at random times. When selecting fixtures, when moving a wheel, completely randomly snapping to home. 3) Using the DMX 2 -> DMX IN trick suggested here has worked so far, but lately it has been messing up like crazy - I think it is causing the #2 problem i listed above. In addition, there is some bad dmx somewhere coming out of the board because all fixtures only go down to 2(ish)% instead of 0, until I unplug the DMX IN 4) When can we park channels? 5) I made a library for Colorblast 12's that I have been using without issues for over a year now, and suddenly the values of color have changed to read Cyan Yellow Magenta - they still control RGB. In the edit fixtures screen, they show up as rgb, but when using the wheels they say cmy... whaaaaaaa? Thanks Mike
  7. mikewoodld

    Library for VIVID

    Where might one go to get a working library made for the VIVID LED by ETC/Selador? I tried making one... actually several, and can't get them to work for the life of me. the main issues I'm having are that I can't get the color picker to work, even with the "mix" thing selected in the profile. I also want the intensity to default to 100%, but it won't do that - both in the profile and in the edit fixtures on the console.
  8. cross posted from the OS forum. Great work on revision 5 guys, starting to look really good. I noticed something that has stopped me dead when trying to program - for some reason, anytime I want to delete a submaster, I can ONLY delete submaster 5. That is, the delete window pops up, and no matter what I type in the box, it erases it and chooses 5 instead. This is even when I have something else selected. I've also noticed that whatever I have recorded on submaster 5 is messed up - it won't release the sub after it is down, even when the option to do so is selected. This also carries over into loading submasters and copying memories to submasters. The respective windows that pop up only allow me to choose sub 5. This is killing me because I can't record or edit anything further and I have been trying to prep a showfile before this weekend. I should note that I noticed this issue in the last revision of 4 as well, only it was only when deleting a sub - I didn't dive into it any further. Now, this is a completely separate showfile from that one, so I know it's not that. It seems like it must be a software problem and not a hardware one. Secondly, changing options for things - normally, I would be able to click and hit enter, which would bring up the options for whatever thing I was selecting. Now, when I do that, it pops up then disappears. Holding enter down also does the same thing. I am only able to change using the + and - buttons. A couple things I noticed that would be helpful as well would be the ability to select the color of the image that shows up on the color palette button (a feature which I love, by the way) - The stock colors look fine, but it would be great to be able to assign a custom image or split color to it as well. The gobo images are great! Is there any easy way to add multiples of the same fixture at the same time when patching? I can't do it for the life of me and using the "copy fixture" feature seems to do just that, just copy. I attached the showfile to this - it is where I left off when being stuck by the sub bug. New_Bob.isf
  9. mikewoodld

    48 Channel faders become subs?

    Definitely - I won't be back at the desk until next weekend but I will get it to you after that. Thanks guys! Mike
  10. mikewoodld

    LCD Type Size

    Are we able to switch font sizes back to the way they were, or are they all large now?
  11. mikewoodld

    48 Channel faders become subs?

    hmm, well you're probably right, seeing as how much of a lack of button response I'm getting from it now - it doesn't even like having 30. It can't keep up with me anymore, im constantly having to push buttons two, even three times. ugh, oh well. It would be nice to be able to use the board and all of the physical faders in the most powerful manner, and if this means being able to have 56 subs on 56 physical faders then it seems like a good idea to me. Why have wasted real estate for individual channel faders without at least an option of being able to use them in a different manner?
  12. mikewoodld

    48 Channel faders become subs?

    This worked flawlessly! I love it! Now of course, my only question... can we make more than 30 on one page? It seems the software limits it at that. It would be great to be able to make say... 56 of them, since there are 56 physical faders on the console. :-)
  13. mikewoodld

    48 Channel faders become subs?

    Hmmm, I will definitely try this out as soon as I get to the console. Seems like it should work Thanks!!
  14. mikewoodld


    Any plans in the works for an iPhone app? Or does anyone know of a windows mobile emulator app for iPhone?
  15. Peter, here's a wild idea. I don't know if this would be even possible, but it would be amazing to be able to do: I rarely need to use all 48 faders as individual channel faders.. seems like a lot of wasted real estate. It would amazing if all 48 could be programmed as submasters. I know there is no LCD readout with them, but I would be more than willing to use tape, :-). As you probably know, I don't own the desk but one of my company's clients does and we operate it for them. With the events (wedding receptions, corp. parties) that they do, having a ton of submasters would be ideal. I'd love to be able to record scenes or whatever onto each of the 48 channel faders. What do you think?

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