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  1. Every time I try to save any details other than parameters in fixture tools, using either the save icon, file save, or even file save as, it won't save. How do I get around this? Is it anything to do with working on a networked computer system? Also how do I get more than one channel (for pan & tilt) on the parameter attributes page? I've tried a comma as in the instructions but this won't work. Yours, Karl
  2. Many thanks for that link, it was priceless (couldn't access the page from the website)!! Also thanks for your advice. Will keep you posted as things develop.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help so far!! Have tried to copy the Fixture Library to floppy disk, but keeps saying it's too big a file for the disc to take? Floppy is the only data input facility on the board. Also upon looking at the text file attached to the Library the DTS XR8 Spot isn't listed as a fixture at all, either 16 or 20 bit. Any further suggestions?
  4. Hi, I am having trouble making head or tail of just how to operate my new Moving Lights (DTS XR8's) with my Fatfrog. Tried working my way through the manual & it doesn't make any sense to me!! Is there anyone who has, or can get me a straight-forward tutorial? I've tried looking for the Sam Henderson one mentioned on some sites but can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Ktbcurious
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