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  1. Fat Frog - 2-3 years old - just upgraded from 10.4 (probably as delivered) to 10.9. Thanks to the forum - the upgrade to the OS worked and I spent quite a few hours playing with the Mac 550s - I had saved the show several times but just before lunch I pushed a disc into the drive selected save show - monitor goes black and Frog restarted - it went into a loop - removed power and the desk restarted show intact. Each time I try to do anything with a disc the Frog crashes - sometimes going into a starting up loop - sometimes just restarting. Any thoughts. Bill
  2. Hi I use a Fat Frog - still on 10.4 - have downloaded 10.9 - what do I do now? Do I format floppy in my PC - if so what format? Also need to use Mac 550s - downloaded gft18_00.zip - has Mac 550 in the gft18_00.txt file what do I do next? I need to be doing by Saturday AM - any ideas? Bill
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