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  1. Everytime I go to assign a fixture from the floppy drive on my works Fat Frog 48 the desk restarts itself when once I select a manufacturer. I've not yet updated the OS on the desk as the Frog is the only thing in the building with a Floppy Drive. Any suggestions for why this fault has occured?
  2. Took the single phase linking bar out and screwed it back in. Works fine now. Thanks for the help.
  3. I also have a problem with a betapack3 (didn't want to clutter up the forum with a new topic) I have just recieved a nice shiny new betapack3 to live with my two Betapack2s at work. Have wired it all up according to the manual with the single phase setting. and have daisychained up with my other dimmers accordingly However only channels 5&6 are giving me anything. It is definatly not the addressing on the desk as I have been round with a parcan and tested every socket on the pack using the manual control. Any ideas suggestions about what it could be or what I have done wrong. I have tried to reset it a number of times but the way that the manual says to reset the pack doesn't seem to do anything. I know we're all busy busy people but if someone could get back to me as soon as possible as please, have a big gig on tomorrow and really gonna need that dimmer up and running. thanks. Ruari
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