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  1. and what about below them... the line that says : BRI ABS COL ABS B/S ABS and POS REL? thanks gab
  2. i think we have forgotten to ask whether hes using one of the frogs, or the new Jester... surely it will be quite different... ? gab
  3. and when we do, can it have a little bit of a better search engine on it, as i can never find what i am looking for on Frogsupport without going through all the posts... Could be me not using the appropriate search prefixes.... gab
  4. haha yes very similar except something that would do that with the phantom frog or similar program and have a visualisation screen or something that you could effectively "draw" a setting round and would calculate the movement of the ml... Gab
  5. hiya, that would work for the same venue yes, but what if I want to use some ml;s is different venues, but I know the general setting of the stage and the truss that the ml sits on... Then I could averagely program the show at home or on the road and then adjust it at the venue... a simulator that would show where the light would fall, would be a real time saver. thanks Gab
  6. Hi, i have looked on the search on this wonderful forum for a while and found nothing that covered this idea, so i am asking,,, has anyone come accross a moving light simulator that would, for instance, tell you the dmx status of the 10 odd channels of a mac 500 and give you the ability to change these and see what change it made... thus one could jsut use the phantom frog to set up all the dmx channels at their levels and more or less have it right first time... It would make programming a duck easier for large shows with little time in the venue.. Thanks, Gab
  7. brill ok cheers for your help im sure it must have been that, ok no worries! thanks again gab
  8. i would find a submaster master very useful, as i do many live shows on the 48 channel fades of my fat frog, and use the A and B master faders as masters for those, submaster one would be very useful. maybe in future desks, or does the frog 2 have it? cheers Gab
  9. well what happened was someone knocked the monitor, and for some reason this triggered something weird on the desk, when one changes the function, for instance, the submasters or memories or preview, outputs the led's in them flash, as if its in test mode..., then pressing the submaster flash buttons does the same, press it it starts flashing, and press it again and it stops flashing. could it have been the knock, or is there something i'm missing... thankyou Gab
  10. Gabzqc


    wow, that really would be cool, some kind of 3.5 replacement usb port or something... so useful. cheers for the quick answer gab
  11. Gabzqc


    hiya, by "swapping the floppy disk drive for a USB port" are you still talking about the fatfrog series? because that would be amazingly helpful, as floppys are so unreliable. cheers
  12. Gabzqc


    Heres something novel, why not set your dimmers to "freeze DMX" when they lose signal, then unplug the desk from the dimmers when you want to "Park" the Generics... admittantly this won't work for the ML's but if thats what you want... ( i know it can be done on our Chilli Pro's... gab
  13. Here you can download a Demo version of Wysisyg. have a try. gabz[/url]
  14. heres something else youve gotta see. what an amazing deal. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MEWA:IT gab
  15. ok well we can do it for a small price. and the lamps dont have to be 500's they can be 250's if that makes it easier at all. gab
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