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  1. Hi Guys and Gals

    I Need to build a fixture up, it is basically led tape which I've installed on the steps at the venue. controlls need to be RGB and intensity the controller is a 3 channel controller so how would i get the intensity to control the whole unit then HELP

  2. 2 universes, power supply, and a usb stick thats been working fine with the desk for months. Desk has been turned on since 10am this morning been fine all day and between 8.35 and 9.05 this evening rebooted 7 times and there was nobody next to it it stabalised for 10 mins so after that hard power down and power up then been stable rest of the evening for at least an hour

  3. Hi All

    This may seem a idiotic question but how do you patch channels 97 - 99 on the desk as when your in patch or patch edit you are unable to select them unless im compleately blind. ive been using this desk for some 7 years now and its now doing my head in. theyre visible on the outputs screen but never been able to patch to them


    Thank You


  4. is there a way if ive done on my i pod touch via comand line




    then is there a way of doing a next button so that 1 goes off and 2 comes on and so on and so fourth.


    maybee if youve got a channel on like that the + and minus can the change to the next and - changes to previous

  5. when the film starts we need a command to be sent to the lighting desk to dim the lights a bit whil adverts are on then possibly another trigger to take the lights compleately off then when the credits start lights come up a bit then at the end of the film another trigger to turn the liights backk on again


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