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  1. Carwyn

    command over art net

    when the film starts we need a command to be sent to the lighting desk to dim the lights a bit whil adverts are on then possibly another trigger to take the lights compleately off then when the credits start lights come up a bit then at the end of the film another trigger to turn the liights backk on again
  2. Carwyn

    command over art net

    from our digital cinema projector
  3. Carwyn

    command over art net

    what im trying to achieve is to take channels up and down on request
  4. Hi I have a small tour coming up where i have two venues where one has the leapfrog 96 and the next one has the leapfrog 48. If i were to transfer the show from the 96 to 48 is it possible to operate submasters 11 to 30 on the leapfrog 48 that i pre programmed on the 96 version or should i stick to the first 10 Thanks
  5. Carwyn

    transfering show from leapfrog 96 to 48

    so i could either use an additional dmx desk or go from the dmx out to the dmx in on the same desk and put them to the channels but i do not want to take either of the options just stated. ill see if the 2 venues are willing to change desks over for the week due to a lot of subs being used 10 pages to be exact the 2 venues are run by the same council anyway so cant see it being a problem Thanks Anyway p.s might be an idea to put like in the comand line an option to control subs somehow
  6. Carwyn

    edit a step of a chase

    is there any way of editing a step of a chase within a Q. HELP!!!!!!!
  8. is it possible that the solo setting on the submasters work across the whole desk rather than just the submaster section it soed not work on my desk what would i need to do to make it work
  9. Hi Does anyone know what movers they are using in the albert hall for children in need tonight
  10. Carwyn


    thank you all sorted now
  11. Carwyn


    what is the password for the extraction file it keeps on asking me for a password
  12. Carwyn

    go button not working

    hi i updated my lighting desk on friday to update 5.2 and had a show on last night and went to run the show off the memory stack and the GO button does not work i emailed keith a bug report the other day and i just wondered is it a software issue or has the desk gone faulty. hear from you soon carwyn hopton technical officer the welfare
  13. hi i dont know if this was a part of the software update or not but re patched the desk today and found when i patched dimmer 20 in to channel 20 it did not remove the dimmer from channel 95 here is the show file attached so you can have a look at it. talk soon carwyn strange_happenings_.isf
  14. hi i was programming a show and i was having trouble recording states to the q stack from subs had to do it from the faders itself any ideas Talk Soon Carwyn
  15. Carwyn

    problems with submasters to memory

    how do you tag a channel
  16. Carwyn

    move on dark

    you need to go in to set up and theres a setting in there to turn move on dark on or off you will need to select on what you might find is after turning on move on dark you will need to run through the q stack once before the move on dark fully functions talk soon
  17. hi is it possible to import a strand 520 show file or load a strand 520 onto a leap frog 96 thanks in advance
  18. Carwyn

    random flash

    hi i was showing film today and had the leapfrog on for house lx and tabwarmers etc. during the film when all channels was on 0% and about half way through the film i had a random flash. i have a dmx line to the dimmers plugged in to dmx 1 out and a dmx line down to stage in dmx 2 out with this line neot connecting to anything and on. the output screen on the desk did not show it outputting anything can anyone shead some light on it for me please. carwyn
  19. Carwyn

    random flash

    hi again i've just noticed that the dmx out seems to be losing power briefly as i've used 2 separate cables in the desk and connected it to 2 seperate dimmer packs and coming out of the 2 different dmx out on the desk and that my findings show that the power on the dmx out on the desk is failing and causing it to do funny things i.e. flashing lights. any ideas PLEASE HELP ME Carwyn p.s. is there a desk based test i can do to support my theory
  20. Carwyn

    random flash

    hi i had some problems with a different cable some time ago i have permus D54 dimmers witch go through a dmx - D54 converter whitch i dont think theres a termination point before the through out. The other Dmx line goes from the DMX output 2 down to stage and it has has no termination point on it. hear from you soon Carwyn
  21. Carwyn

    from .asc to .isf

    hi this might help this is what i was told about a month ago (CLICK HERE)
  22. Carwyn

    alphapack 2

    how do i turn off the keep warm function on the alphapack 2 as it causes a few problems with our older lights thank you in advance
  23. Carwyn

    Submaster Page Overlay

    i also agree that this feature will be a great bonis to the desk as i have the same problem when busking a show
  24. Carwyn

    desk freezes when saving a show

    thanks pete ill try that when i get to work in the next day or two depends when this snow stops
  25. when i went to save a show last night the desk frose. i tried it several times and it done the same every time it showed a window with saving please wait. i left it for about 20mins every time but froze every time. any ideas talk soon carwyn

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