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  1. What happens to the waveform? Do you have any images I could compare so I dont have to dig out my 'scope?
  2. Cheers. It has.Adam.What do Colour/Position/Beamshape mean in terms of Channel/All in the Program Mode menu?And can someone please tell me what LTP stands for.Cheera, Adam.
  3. Hi It's not necessary, per se, but for the future it will be very helpful. I am trying to use my BF to control certain things that we otherwise have to plug into 13A sockets, such as our mirror balls, UV cannons, and other things that have to take On 240V or Off. Thanks Adam.
  4. Hi Is it possible to set a channel on a Bullfrog to be an independent? That is, so that it will only ever output OFF or ON? Or is it possible to program a fixture on that dmx address running into the dimmer pack (Chilli Pro)? Thanks A.M. Walp
  5. Hi I have been having problems where my Intelligent Fixture is being (involuntarily) programmed into all of my submasters. Thus, whenever I turn one on, the IF dims to 0 and returns home, ruining any effect I might have wanted. Am I right in saying that this is a similar problem to the one mentioned above and if I set the desk to "partial" mode, it will allow me to run the IF seperate to the subs? Thanks in advance A.M. Walp
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