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  1. dear sirs,We are encountering the following problems with the A & B preset faders: When in 2 preset operation the faders 1 to 12 are working as 1 to 12 DMX channels as they should when for some reason the faders 13 to 24 are working as 1 to 12 DMX chanels as well for some weird reason. The same thing happens to preset B.In Wide oeration the above described thing happens to the preset A,the presets B however the faders 25 to 36 work as 26 to 36 DMX chanells as they should.but the 37 to 48 faders work as 25 to 36 DMX chanells. We have already cleared Default and cleared DMX patch and resumed default patch .When we check the patch in manual patch mode the patching looks normal (meaning ch1<1>...ch2<2> .....and so on) but the flash buttons are lit in pairs(1&13..2&14..and so on).our other problem is that all the faders are not working normally(meaning by lifting the fader to it's 90% we get a 20 % result when after the 90% of the fader we get almost full on and if let's say the fader is numbr 1 is lifted to it's 100%,when we lift the 13 fader to it's 100% we still get a very slight increase. please get back to us if anyone knows anything that could be of help.
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