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  1. so...i haven't seen any outputs displaying a jump in numbers...and wow were my eyes doing the back and forth trying to look at the lcd screen and back to the stage to see if the light was still jumping from 20 to 80 percent and vice versa while i was fading up and down. but I did notice in the output screen on the monitor had many channels (8 12 17 19 20 21 are a few i remember) stay at 2 and 3% no matter how hard i push down every fader... what in the world do ya'll think that could be about?
  2. sweet wonderfulness. well that will make it a lot easier to check my problem. thank you.
  3. I want to make a nice can can movement with the mac 250's i have. the closest i've come was the quad movement with the y on about 12. set speed time around 23 and offset each fixture. I can't get the offset quite right. The idea works, but it's not nearly what most people get from other boards. I want to do the can can kick as high as you can!
  4. i see so i'm supposed to select which channels and submasters to test, or do the different channels do different tests? then the LCD will report back the output of each channel or submaster selected?
  5. I tried today while running a show to watch for a change in the outputs, but like a car being taken to the mechanic or a child to the doctor it didn't miss behave today. besides that for some reason i always run my show so it's in submaster view, and on F1 locked to i can change the pallets on the fly. I did run the board in test mode that i saw someone mention somewhere else. (F1 as the board boots) the page numbers changed as follows: 90 72 63 54 45 36 27 18 9 over and over again. The LCD screen said: A PRSET FADERS 1 2 3 4 5 6 00 00 00 00 00 00 the computer screen was frozen where it said it was in test mode. nothing happen on any of the bump buttons...which i thought was supposed to be part of the test. i ended up powering down and turning it back on and going about my day at work. I'm still curious though... As soon as I can get it malfunctioning and on outputs view I will report the diagnosis. thanks Paul. rhiannon
  6. wow i too have been wondering that. thank you so much!
  7. your email isn't there either...... i want to know. tell me the secret. please. ps. i don't understand why zero 88 wouldn't want to show off the programming that is selling their boards. unless there is some licensing issue with the game... Moderation: Tedious topic closed. If you want to know how to access this hidden feature, Google is your friend. We don't publish details because this particular hidden feature can make some people's teachers / employers / managers anti-Frog, as it distracts their staff / students. There were a couple of versions where we had to remove it from the software altogether.
  8. the last two times my zero 88 fat frog has gone on an outing upon it's return it's been delaying on fading and bumps. sometimes as much as a seven second delay. sometimes no delay at all. which looks super tacky while trying to keep time with bands. i started thinking about it and i never turn the dimmers off...i wonder if that has anything to do with it. the issue is with the conventional lights, not the intelligent. the issue is on the channel handles as well as the submaster channels, but not ALL of them...the problem seems to be very come and go. i can see how it might be an issue of dmx since there are three different dimmers all sending dmx info plus the movers. what do you all make of this?
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