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  1. Hello folks, Our new Chilli-Pro 4-10i dimmer shows an unwanted behaviour on channels 1 and 2. To explain the behaviour more exactly, there is an attachement with some graphs. What the dimmer does is: - normal dimmer function on channel 3+4 - switch function on channel 2, no dimming at all. - switch to 30% on channel 1, then dimming up to 100% The step on channel 1+2 does occur when channel level is raised from 5% to 6%. Below 6% both channels have Output 0%. It doesn't matter whether the channel level is set by manual entry on the dimmer or set by the light mixer via DMX. The stepping behaviour is exactly the same. Its no overload/underload problem, we have checked this by adding/removing load. The load is light bulbs only on all channels. We already have reset the dimmer to factory default (several times), no change in behavior resulted. By now, we think that the dimmer has a hardware or firmware problem. My questions are: Does anyone know a similar behaviour? What else can we do to make our dimmer work as intended to do? Thanks for your answers! Martin
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