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    Version 9.8 looks great

    Magic, thank you so much. It is in fact, an upgrade to a Frog which has never been upgraded! It is most useful to know that 10.9 can be used like 9.8, but at the moment I will just use 9.8. Next month, I will go and spend a day with the desk and some movers and teach myself what is new. I hadn't realised how out of touch I was with it! Thanks again. I must admit, the bugs that look to have been soerted are going to get to me, but I just need to get the show up and running, and I trust my brain on 9.8!
  2. light console

    Version 9.8 looks great

    Hi all, a huge fan of the Frog here - used it for 2 x 6 month seasons, every day. I got to know it so well that I set one up over the phone. Problem is, that was over 3 years ago I think, and it was running version 9. I am about to embark on a panto which not only am I LD and op for, but I have to look after props and sound effects and program the other desk before we open. That being the case, I want to sit down at the Frog, and know where I am. The desk I am about to hire has even older software on it, so it would be handy to have the 20 pages of subs if nothing else! Although I can see there are lots of interesting things in the latest release, I simply won't have time to mess about with it/set it up to do what I expect. Would it be possible for someone to post the version 9 software somewhere for me please? (it is a Fat Frog despite me calling it a Frog) Many thanks in advance.

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