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  1. So how is everyone liking 10.8? Is it working well at this point. I just got done with some projects, and was considering the upgrade...
  2. Just upgraded to 10.4, and was wondering if there is a way to program pallets down to parameter level. For example, Beamshape Pallete 16, just adds prism but affects nothing else ???
  3. I will as soon as I unload the truck...taking a few days off!!!!
  4. I just upgraded to 10.4, and was doing a show this weekend. I had the board in "Partial" and was programiing some convential scenes. All worked well, except Submaster 1 would record the movers. I had no fixtures tagged when recording any of the Submasters. But just Sub 1 would trigger the movers. I tried re-recording the sub, and the same would happen every time. I finally switched the LTP trigger to 0%, and it took care of the problem. Am I doing something wrong??? Is there a desk default that is doing this?? Thanks, Garry Turner
  5. Have you written a fixture personality for the Frog for them yet?
  6. Being a new owner of a Fat Frog, and being that there is several ways to "set up" the desk before programming (which is part of the beauty of the desk). I and maybe others would like some of the "old timers" to tell us their prefered set up before they program. Full.... Partial.... Relative.... Absolute......etc., and the reason they do it this way!
  7. SP, Yes...or if you are a duck 5 pinner...you could replace the jack from a 3 to a 5! Garry
  8. Well all, hooked the system back up, and it never did it again! I guess rebooting the board took care of the problem. I will definitely have to keep an eye on it though, and will report back any other strangeness! Thanks all, Garry
  9. I did not try it yet. The rig is on the truck for Wed. I will be trying several things before that show starts.
  10. The rig was 30 Par 64 Up and Down Stage...same dimmer rack...used the rack a billion times... These same dimmer channels were programmed into other SMs with no apparent problem. I have the same rig going out this Wed., so I saved the show (also to disk) and was going to try a few things before show time. Maybe the Z88 guys will have some more suggestions before then! Thanks all, Garry
  11. I took my new Fat Frog out on it's first show last night. It was just a 60K conventional rig. Everything worked as planned except for a few times when I brought up SM 11, the Downstage lights came on like they should, but the Upstage lights would delay about 1-2 seconds. This didn't happen every time, and it seemed like SM 11 was the only one I had the problem on. The channels in SM 11 was also programmed in other SMs, and it this didn't seem to happen in any other SM these dimmer channels were programmed into. All fade times were set at 0.00.0, and like I said...the problem was with ju
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