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  1. I feel really stupid, but I cannot figure this out. I am a new Zero88 user and have been trying to retrain myself to some of the new language and functions of this board. So far, I really like it, but I am having trouble with one thing. How can I repatch my conventional fixtures to different preset faders (ie. dimmer 37 to preset 1)? Currently, it is patched 1 to 1 but I can't move any of them. I have 60 dimmers and can only run the board in wide mode. When I go into Edit Fixtures, no fixtures show up in the list. If I go to Add Fixtures...I can get all the way to Select Destination, but then I have no options listed. What am I missing? Or is this just something that this board cannot do? It's really more of a inconvenience than a dire problem, but it would be great if I could move them around. Thanks.
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