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  1. Thanks. I'll use that information as I'm investigating my options for a board replacement. Today I've got a 2 scene 36 channel w/24 subs (pre DMX) for conventionals and Horizon Gold running my (few) movers and a spare DMX dimmer. The desire is a single desk (or one that looks much like a single desk to run the whole works. 24 faders of the JesterML24 is a bit shy. 24/48 in wide mode would work (i.e. JesterML + Jester 24/48 for example). Of course it's all got to be very 'cost effective' to get it past the budget folks.
  2. Other than losing some table space and having (or getting to) programming 2 desks, is there any functional difference between a Jester ML24 and a Jester ML + Jester 12/24?
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