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  1. this is an attempt for my continuous effort to get a lock code for the desk so no one can operate it. on a side note: what I do now is clear DMX patch. Works but a lock code would be easier.
  2. Just installed the 6 Elations, 2 more in the future. So far so good. Very good product and quality, espicially for the price! Had no problems adding them in with the new file here from Zero88. Looks like I will be buying even more elations in the future.
  3. gress


    Thanks, thats what I have done for now.
  4. Any update on this? We continue to have problems with people (kids) messing with the desk. I keep getting phone calls at all hours with people asking me "are the lights supposed to be on and spinning around" ... "are the Martins supposed to be..."
  5. This is really getting annoying - my names in position pallets just disappear also - the positioin is still programmed but the name is gone - I know where they are at but when I have someone help me - thats when I run in to trouble. I cant trace when it dissappears. I set it one day, the very next day I came in and they were gone again! ARG! That and the time on the board always gaining are the only two issues I have. both of these issues happen with the previous and new sw release.
  6. gress


    Are there any future plans to be able to print out the patch channels for the dimmer and fixtures? Would be a nice quick way to have documnetation on how things are set up. To clarify, start Phantom Frog, load show from your desk and from Phantom Frog, print the layout from your PC. Thanks
  7. Bullfrog desk, partial mode. How do you make sure the Color and Beamshape will be tagged as well? Say I set my fixtures to one position with a elipse gobo beamshape, and the color red. I set the position to say x/y 128,128. I hit record to make it a submaster 1. I then just change the positions to say for an example x50,y50. I then hit record to make that another submaster 2. as long as I go to submaster 1 then 2 it look ok. But say I have another Gobo and color on submaster 3. If I pull up submaster 3 then jump to submaster 2, submasters 3 gobo and color are there instead of
  8. I am looking to get about 4 wash lights to add to our current set up of 4 Martin Mac 250 Entours and 2 ETC REV and scrollers. I was looking at the ROBE Wash lights but found a much better price on the Elation 250 Wash lights. Does anyone have Elations, good quality and operation? Thanks
  9. Thats what I would think as well.
  10. Thanks! Loaded v10 and works like a champ! Now if we could get channel level locks and the funtion to lock the board so no one can pull up subs or memories.
  11. I may havespoke to soon! I just found release 10 is out. looks like this is a new feature.
  12. I use the Bullfrog console. I think it would be nice if we could have the function of setting just one channel of the beamshape in a pallet. This way when I have my Martins going with something, I could hit a pallet that changes the shutter value only to a strobe. Right now I need to use 2 pallets or subs per gobo effect for this. Did that make sense?
  13. My Bullfrog unit keeps gaining time everyweek. I think it's about 15min time gained per week. Any fix for this?
  14. Hey jester777, I run the lights at our church as well. Its been a long road but we now have 4 Martin 250 Entours, 2 ETC REVs, as well as the other ellips, mirrors and 4 color scrollers. I want to get some of those Martin washes really bad and get rid of the color scrollers (or use them elsewhere). I really dont like the colors scrolling along. Check out http://www.zero88.com/en/news/210
  15. OK - I am sold on the built in effects engine! I played with it a little before but couldnt rally figure it or spent the time to. With your example - I set it up and it works great! I just had to reverse my pan in 2 fixtures to the sweeping motion looks better. Thanks! I think I am really getting all the features of this board figured out now!
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