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  1. That isn't a stupid idea, just get one of those el-cheapo 1 ch dmx dimmers
  2. * Take all your other equipment and have it spraypainted green * Try to create pallets on a audio mixer btw, my gps has a home button, and yes, it leads to Holland
  3. Done a DanceClassics Party last saturday, my first real hand on experience with a frog, and i must say, i was amazed how easy it is to create some nifty effects with intelligent lights. 4x Martin MX-4 4x Martin CX-4 4x Oby 3 2x Showtec SP250 On a Fat Frog and 2x Martin RoboColor Pro 400 Martin Magnum 2000 and a bunch of T4 bars with Par 56 on them There is a bug in the board, it tries to parse smilie code inside img tags My PCDJ setup: For this show we had to go really back in time, one of the dimmerpacks suddenly refused to work and we had to go and fetch the old dimmerrack (back to the DMX -> 0/10V converter days) And some other stuff that never had malfunctioned before didn't work anymore
  4. we normally use a separate dimmable gooseneck light
  5. That would be nice, just just a cheap Showmaster 24 for 48 individual channels
  6. Is there a higher resolution picture of that Frog 2? i'd love to see the buttons/descriptions etc
  7. So the Frog 2 will be more of a high level addiditon to the current frog range but not replacing it?
  8. Point taken, however we sometimes use up to 30 intelligent lights (colorchangers, scanners, movingheads etc) and we then have to group some fixtures together again. But i agree that a leapfrog may be a better investment for our specific situation.
  9. however, the nut will be cracked
  10. woh, you guys are REALLY fast with your replies Totally and shamelesly offtopic Heej, ice, (her)ken ik jou niet van de GoT ?
  11. I'm 'afraid' that the frog 2 will be more of a pre-programmed show desk than a live table, meaning users wil have less means of controlling the show directly. External touchscreens, hmm i've got a few 12.1" touchscreens here (€ 169,--, run at 800*600 or 1024*768) Has the implementation in Phantom Frog started?
  12. little typo just consider this: concert with some basic lighting (ie 24 par channels, some floodlights and a few movingheads) so say 32 channels conventional lighting and 4 moving heads, the way the current frog's work you can setup the conventional lighting with the preset faders and use the submasters to control the moving heads (chasers etc) and some basic lighting(say all white etc) so if you want to dim a single channel you just lower the fader for that channel without having to switch to a different page (where you located the induvidual channels) en set the desired level? (or maybe i'm just to conventional in my thinking , ah wel, since i can't even get them to buy a leapfrog here
  13. To bad an add on wing for the martin costs about the same as a frog desk...
  14. Yeah, i have to agree, generic faders would be nice, we are currently using a MA 24/12 which ran out of channels a year ago so we tried a fatfrog which is perfect for both disco/live/theatre work. But i don't see how one will be able to easily dim a few parcan's without having to swap around submaster 20 pages. I'll just wait for a demo from rolight then [btw] This design looks nice, i just hope the plastic top is less sensitive to fat (from the fingertops) i had that fatfrog covered in fingerprints in 10 seconds Keep up the good work
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