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  1. enox

    Fixture Save

    yes you're right. i have written a fixture file for a new briteq movinglight. and i saved this file on the new leap frog 48, but after this i lost the disk and i needed this file for the old fat frog it was only an idea... nice greetz
  2. hi, i had a problem today. i needed a fixture file from our leap frog 48 , but i found nothing to save it (only a save button to the complete show). possibly it was a good idea to create a fixture save button in this setup menu. what do you think about it? nice greetz enox
  3. this are the pictures from my last event that's me Your can see movie's on www.tdbm.de and this are the devices: 1* Mambo Frog 1* Jester 24/48 2* Robe Club Scan 250XT 4* Chauvet 150 HTI Moving Heads 1* Shogun 3D RGB Club Laser, 80 mW Red, 30 mW Green, 20 mW Blue 1* JEM Magnum Hazer 1* Martin T-Rex 2* T4 Bars with 8 Par 56 Nice greetz Marc
  4. I'm using a leap frog 48 and a mambo frog @work. My company is Musik Produktiv. The City is Laggenbeck, thats near Osnabrück in Germany.
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