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  1. Excellent idea. The Jands 408/416 has a button called release and so when you press it and press a flash button under a sub with a moving light pattern on it, all outputs are set to 0 (or home). Genius! Maybe one of the F buttons could be assigned to this function in a new software patch?
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. i'll try re-writing the fixture file but havn't done this for the frog before, still ive got the software so i'm sure it will work! otherwise new 'stop' scene. I don't know what software the desk is - its a venue's own, not mine. I will upgrade it though its been in about 2 years. Thanks Dave.
  3. Hi I've spent hours looking for the answer to this but cant find it. The set up i will be using has a fat frog, some pars and 2x robe 150 XT profile moving heads. I can use the fixtures section of the frog with no prob lem. I can also save the settings to a scene and a sub master. My problem is this: whenever i have a memory on a sub which has the moving lights on and moving, i bring down the sub and they are still on and still moving. The fixture file for the 150XT doesnt include any attribute for brightness. Is this the reason why they do not go off. I would have thought the shape generator would stop when the sub was brought to 0 though. - I don't understand this. These are my thoughts on the answer, would anyone agree: 1. Is there any way i can patch the shutter attribute to the brightness, on the robe DMX008 is the shutter, could i patch 0-64 ie shutter closed to open to the brightness somehow, or should i rewrite the fixture file. 2. Is there a way i could write a memory which when the sub is brought down it triggers a scene where the robe is in its home position with the shutter closed. 3. Is it a problem with HTP/LTP setup, i know how to change this but doesnt seem any logical reason why i need to. Please help as I have absolutely no idea why this is not working Cheers Dave.
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