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  1. the 2.1 library is not opened by fixture tools 2.6, why? P.
  2. Hi, any news to upgrade to watchOS 7.? Thank you P.
  3. Hi, i can't connect with my apple watch anymore, probably after the Apple latest updates. I want to know if it is a problem that will be solved. Thank you
  4. Flx S48 7.9.7 I sometimes had freezes of a few seconds, no dmx signal out, probably due to electrical interference. I solved it with the cat6 cable shielded between console and router. Sometimes there have been long freezes of the control panel after the connection of some high absorption usb peripherals (usb lamp etc.), no dmx signal out. When it is freezes no physical button works, only the touchscreen, remote control and external keyboard reacts. I would have liked more isolation between the heart of the console and the outside world. Hope this helps P.
  5. Hi, I can use a USB WLAN stick like the one in the picture?
  6. if I were to have problems, I could go back to a system that I have tested
  7. Hi, you can downgrade to ? Thank you P
  8. I feel nostalgic for Frog2 2 external monitors with fully configurable display 20 keys UDK per page
  9. therefore on flx-s there is no possibility to use the midi timecode in the future
  10. Hi, there are possibility on midi and midi timecode implementation. Thank you
  11. You can not use a playback fader for recall a group? P.
  12. SHIFT [Parameter] RECORD Playback. I tried to use this procedure to store a parameter on a playback on new console flx s, but it doesn't work anymore? P.
  13. pierotec


    Hi, I found the UDK keys on the old Frog2 very practical, where different functions or effects could be stored, etc. and immediately recalled. On FLX there are only four (for page). It would be interesting to expand this number, obviously since it is not possible to do it physically you could insert it in the "Multi Funcion Fader" screen and call them up via touchscreen. It would be nice to do it also on FLX S. Thank you P.
  14. pierotec


    Hi, it is possible to connect a Wing expansion on Frog2. How this is handled by the console, on an IP address. Thank you P.
  15. there is the possibility to download version 3.1 of the remote for iPhone to use it with Frog2. Piero
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