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  1. Hi Edward Thank you for your answer. I only tested it on the Phantom ZeroOS. With the solution I set up the Programmer Time function with Setup + Playback. There is no change to the Programmer Time! I see no changes in the lower right corner of the screen. Keeping the Time button works well. Orb changes are made to the Playback Programmer Time. I see changes in the lower right corner of the screen. When calling the palette, there is no fade! Keeping the Time button works well. I hope you understand me. What am I doing wrong? Thomas
  2. 270/5000 Hello the all video's are very nice. I have a question. Is this function programmer time work´s for all consoles. I know that the Solution series works by holding down the Time key. What about the ORB series, FLX S series? Thank you for your answer Best regards
  3. Hello How to select Cue / Playback Stack view for Playback 1 and others? With Shift + Playback button it does not work. MFG Thomas
  4. Hallo, i think a good new feature is a option for HTP/LTP-Intensity for individual SUBMASTER. Conformable the feature Beam/POS/Color/Effekt. With new feature can record a Master-Intensity-Submaster for a lot of Fixture. What's your opinion? Thomas
  5. Hallo, i have in my Patch has free Adresse from 43 to 48 and patch fixture form 48 to 200. Now add a lot of Fixture with 20 DMX-adress, when i now press the button next adress is it the 43. I think it is better the next free adress is 201, it´s the first adress for fixture with 20 adress. I hope this is a new feature for a new relase. Bye Thomas
  6. Hallo Peter, thanks, this is a very good function. Is there any more of it? (a List) Bye, Thomas
  7. Hallo, How do it with the Fixture Editor edit or write my own "Auto Menu"? Thanks Thomas
  8. Hallo, Dmx in fader move fast not triggering the Submaster, dmx in flash button not work! Please Udate the relase.
  9. Please help me. My Way is not good, or? Setup: SETUP->DESK SETUP->BEHAVIOUR->PRESET MIX MODE = HTP The Way: 1. Preset 1 of 100% 2. SPEZIAL (Side 1) FLASH MODE SELECT/OFF 3. select the channel for a chase with the flashbuttontaste (or a Memory) 4. value with the Presetfader for example Steps to recalibrate to recalibrate to recalibrate to recalibrate Programmer Kanal 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 Step 1 100 100 0 0 100 0 0 2 RECORD SUBMASTER 1-1 100 0 0 3 Step 2 100 0 100 0 0 100 0 4 RECORD SUBMASTER 1-1 0 100 0 5 Turn into C
  10. Hello, i have a memory load in the programmer. Why tagging all fixture in the programmer for control the levels of dimmers and fixture intensity channels. thanks for our help. Thomas
  11. ok, the is it!! I wish in the Submaster/Memorysetup (default) a optionswitch Special Page 1 yes or no. Not all live Chase is good change the value.
  12. Hallo, I hope in the new release the function the MFG button Drive & Speed & go on. I think the function must: select submaster or memory in the window press the MFG button and change value and save in the select submaster or memory. or how must the function. Bye, Thomas
  13. Hallo, i have found 2-way to programm a submaster/memory: 1. way - press [sUBMASTER] (or Memory) - press Submaster [FLASH] (or change memorynumber) - values in a programmer - press [RECORD] and now open a Windows (submaster/memory is record with other values) with the question: overwrite or turn to Chase or cancel. for the next step for the same submaster/memory only press record. 2. way (not open the submaster or memory windows) - values in a programmer - press [RECORD] - press [sUBMASTER] (or Memory) - press Submaster [FLASH] (or change memorynumber) and n
  14. Hallo Zero88, during the work with LeapFrog 48 I`m annoying the following function: if you adjust the dimmer values over the dimmer fader, they will be sent to the output actively. But the question is: Why are they resetted during reset of program (clear-button) while the faders resist at their positions? Wouldn't it be better if the dimmer-output fits to the fader-settings and only the changed dimmer values (optional all of them) are tagged? Further it would be nice to have the possibility to set the the ip-address and subnetmask manually. I would be appreaciate about an
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