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  1. Hello Our FatFrog is installed in a church where quite often non-experienced people have to operate the lights. Therefore we want to have everything as easy as possible for these non-experienced users. Basically we want the users only to power up the FatFrog and then use the submasters for the different "standard" light settings. We always use our FatFrog in WIDE mode and initially when we had it installed it came up in WIDE mode when we turned it on. Now when we turn it on we have to manually enter WIDE mode. Question: How can I get the FatFrog to always come up in WIDE mode? I have also noticed that if I program some submasters that information is also lost when turning off the power but some of hte submasters keep their settings. Question: How can I get the all submasters to "remember" the settings after turning the power off and later turning the power on again?
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