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  1. I haven't got the Software Version of the desk becuase im at home at the moment so i'll get that tomorrow. When are they attempting to change? The lights are attempting to change as soon as I plug them in. I have tryed them on another desk 'Eurolight LC2412' and they work perfectly. I have tryed diffrent adapter cables but thats not helped at all. Also if your interested in what exactly i mean when attempting to change, i mean, as soon as they get DMX from the FatFrog the Gobo wheel goes nuts spinning round and round without stopping and the colour wheel every now and then changes to
  2. Hi. I would like some help with a desk I recently purchased. The Gobo and Colour Wheel functions are attempting to change, when they are supposed to be staionary. The lights that i am trying to run on the system are two EuroLight TS-5's. I have also tried re-installing the fixtures however I am still unsuccessful . If anyone else has had this problem or if you know what it might be, I would love to here from you. SP
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