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  1. Hi, does anyone know if there is a fixture profile available for an NJD Spectre for the fat frog and if so where i might find it please?
  2. I was just wondering what people reccomend for houselight control with a fat frog? I'm intendeing to use the second DMX universe, and assigning to a submaster on an almost perminant basis. Does this sound sensible and if so how do you do this? Thank you
  3. OK, have been learning how to use our new fat frog (having lots of fun), but can't find any instructions for powering down. Any advice on how to switch off? Obvious answer would be to switch off at the mains, but surely this will cause damage? Also; been wondering what on earth LTP stands for (and more to the point what it does) as I can't see any clues in the manual.
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