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  1. Thanks for the info. We monitored the voltage throughout the second service, and approximately 90 mins after start up, shutdown again. We were unable to measure the 5v signal as it was direct from the tx, but the 12v signal had moved to 14.2v and there was a lot of heat in the enclosure. Doesn't seem like a software issue to me. Thanks for advice about e-mail, always get, but wanted to also go to other party. Steve
  2. Hello Folks, We are operating a bullfrog with 3 Chilli pro 2410 dimmer packs, and about 12 intelli fixtures assigned. The unit has been in use since 2003 on the original software v6? and was upgraded 3 weeks ago to v9? I can't remember the full version numbers. This workrd fine for two weeks. last week our power supply packed up, and as they aren't exactly off the shelf here in Zimbabwe, we made up another supply to meet the specifications. About an hour and a half into our service this morning, the desk shutdown, losing all power to the displays and monitor, and would then try and reboot
  3. Hi, Good to know that other churches are moving ahead. Here at Hear the Word minstries in Harare Zimbabwe, we light a 3500 seat auditorium with a variety of halogen downlighters, half of which I control via my Bull Frog, and 3 2410i's, and we are about to add a 1225i. I will then use this last to control all house lighting, which I am upgrading. I have a variety of lights, 60 par64s, some 56's and a selection of floods which I have designed and built myself. (I also do other development work for other sites, using this facility). We have two blondes (hanging on one of the FOH bars!!, unfortun
  4. Links fine for me, works ok on Mozilla, just some features lost, such as icons and hyperlink. Would be great as a downloadable unit. Getting stuff posted out to Zim is a bit of an issue. Thanks for a very useful tool, it will help me with my Bull Frog
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