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  1. Ian, what firmware is your desk? Andy
  2. The church I provide support for have recently upgraded to a Fat Frog and it went really smoothly. Once the desk was configured (easier with a monitor attached) it was really simple to setup the patches and away they went. I would check that all your gear is covered in the fixtures listing on the zero88 site. I know the Macs are because we have them too. Its very simple to operate, I'm sure you'll love it. Using submasters (there are 20 x 12) you can setup specific configs for the Macs so different speeds etc can be on separate faders (I think). You are correct about the fixtures. you have 96 channels of dimming and 24 inteligent devices, or course not every fixture needs be on its own channel, i rented 2 more macs, put them on the same dmx channels and just looped them in. double the lights, no extra programming, it looked impressive. I like the fact that the desk can flip the light for both left right and up down for mirroring purposes. Phantom Frog is slightly disappointing. Its much harder to use than the real desk and you really need a pc with two monitors to operate it. But it does work. Andy
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