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  1. Have tried a Strand MX24, Zero88 leapfrog and Swisson DMX test tool (which I thought was infallable). I see no point in trying a million other desks, as these 3 illustrate the fault. I have tried with termination plugs and without. Have tried with the different components at different places in the DMX line, and with different components in and out of the line. Have had our Hire technitians who use this equipment on a daily basis look at it and try everything thay can, and they are just as baffled. What you say about measuring the time perameters may be worth trying, could you say some more about this, what exactlyy does that mean, what might I find, and what would my findings show? Thanx for your help so far, you guys offer the best support I have known. I really appreciate it, as this is not even your product we are discussing.... Cheers, Jethro
  2. Hi, I have an ETC smartpack dimmer that will not work with any DMX source save a Zero88 leapFrog. :? I have confirmed that the cabling and pin config is correct, and that the other sources are sending DMX data. I know this is actually ETC's problem, but they are as confounded by the problem as me, and being aware of the outstanding support offered by you chaps, I thought I would see if you have ever encountered a fault of this nature. :wink: I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer, and have every confidence that you will be able to solve my problem in a matter of a handfull of emails. :twisted: Cheers, Jethro
  3. Hi, one of our technicians changed the default unlock code for our leapfrog and can't remember the new code.:oops: Desk ser.no is 0073901 xxxxxxxx, I understand you can give me the unlock code based on that........?? Jethro Moderation: serial number removed.
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