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  1. Here is the info on my fat frog serial number from the the desk info/super users menu 0073301 xxxxxxxx serial number from back of console 0073301 xxxxxxxx software version 9.6.1 7-4-2004 bios version 1.0.1 4-4-2001 When I plug in the frog the channel and sub flash buttons flash intermitantly and the sub page displays 88 for about 5 min then you can hear a drive spinning buttons continue to flash and 5 min or so later the frog will start up Moderation: serial numbers removed.
  2. I bought a fat frog off ebay and it has some quirks, first it takes a long time to turn on 10 minutes or longer. I used it for the first time in show and scenes i would program would change and some times the frog would black out all lights. any Ideas. Does it need service. Have upgraded to latest software.
  3. After 15 mins the console finished booting. it is using software version 3.6.1. can i update from 3.6.1 straight to v9.2 or do I need to update thru each version
  4. Just recieved a fatfrog I purchased used on ebay. upon plugging it in some of the channel buttons flash and I get the following message on the main lcd frog bios v 1.0 copyright 2001 total memory 4608kb checking for upgrade then nothing else happens please help
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