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  1. First of all sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - been a bit busy ! The first time this happened i had 12 Mini Macs patched starting at 49 and the second was with 8 Mac 500's starting at 49. From memory i think there were dimmers patched 1to1 on 1 thru 48. I am going back a while now but it did seem very strange at the time. Sorry to be so vague but at the time i didn't have time to really look at the problem - i should be using the first desk again next week so i'll see if i can recreate the same thing ? Many thanks Marc Henry
  2. Hello All I have had a problem with two separate desks (both Fat Frogs from different companies) losing the memory in a submaster (after the desk has been turned off for around 8 hours on each occasion - though it had been turned off during the day for short periods with no problems). The subs lost seemed to be on page 1 sub 4 and 8 running in partial mode with effects on them ? Any ideas Marc
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