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  1. yeah, i use a 17 inch lcd monitor. i find it is more than plenty for the fat frog. you could easily get away with like a 14 inch. i have it hooked up to a k/v/m switch so i can use the same monitor and keboard for both my booth computer and my fat frog. i also have all my video gear going through the computer so i can use the same monitor to preview/cue tapes and dvds and check camera feeds. thats the only reason i needed the larger screen.
  2. but everything that happens here is! i work at the acme comdy theater in los angeles. all i do is work on comedy shows. i tech 8-12 shows a week, every week, all comedy. who else can say they get a good laugh every time they go to work? i mean a "wow! that was a funny show!" laugh, not a "wow! can you believe they wired this like that?" laugh.
  3. i have been using this method for ADDING stuff or INCREASING a channel level to a sub. i do it all the time with out any problems. anyone know of any reason not to do it this way? if you need to REMOVE stuff or REDUCE a level, you got to do it by the book(using the edit key).
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