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  1. dfinn

    Wheel Problems

    Hi, Havent posted on here for a while so if this is in the wrong section please move it. Recently the pan wheel on our fat frog fell into the desk. Me and another tech pulled it back out and reclipped it in. Whilst using the wheel it came out again so we pulled it out and re clipped it and it seemed fine after then. however last week when using the fat frog the other tech was using the board and it fell through again and now when reclipped it wont stay in place as when we refit the top cap it pushes the wheel back in. I had to resort to superglueing it into place, I dont know if this was a good idea but its done now. The only problem is that some of the glue must have got onto the wheel itselt and now a bit of it has gone white. I presume this is the superglue. The wheel still works and moves but it doesnt look to good. My question is will methylated spirits/ turps be the best chemical to get it off in a very small quantity on a paint brush or is there a better way. Thanks Daniel
  2. yeh thats the one I found Daniel
  3. yeh, well our manual has gone walkabout but I found an online help site for the fat frog from someone on this forum, but cant remeber who. thanks Daniel
  4. Hi, My name is Daniel and our school has recently purchased a fat frog desk. i am head technical at my school and I am now quite familiar with the controls of the desk. I have not used the intelligent lighting effect part of the desk as our school only has generic effects and a few colour changers which we just put on the preset B when in wide mode. anyways I just want to check that this is how to program a chase and set the speed etc find a blank memeory and select mem type to chase program all the steps one after another now this is where i get stuck to set the speed etc do I go down to the set modifiers and press enter or program? and then after this do i simply set the speed by moving the speed control to the desired position and then going down to finish or do I have to press program beforehand? I have just finished school so i wont be able to test it out until I GET BACK Thanks in advance Daniel
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