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  1. Not a problem - happy to help... Things to hold on to - fader caps and fader boards plus the board with the LCD display (I'm not sure but I think the LCD can be re-used on Leap Frogs) and of course the PSU. I've never had to replace metalwork so the rest of the case could be disposed of if you need the storage space - just put the PCB's in anti-static bags in a box with some silicon sachets (or at a push a spoon of rice). If you need me in future - you know where to find me
  2. Thanks Edward - at my tender age (as I cherish fond memories of "my" Strand MMS days) years do tend to blur.... It will happen to you one day as well The "bookmark" I have in my memory is that I joined CTS in 1997 and we always dragged a Sirius to any "white glove/wet" hires then suddenly things got lighter as we bought one of the first Frogs (David H. was a firm believer that as a dealer we should have Zero desks in hire - he was never so keen on the Sirius 250 though - it was a beast to lift). I do remember Keith having our Frog back to fit the VGA option for us but he had to cut the met
  3. If there's no VGA output then it's one of the very first desks - the VGA option was added in around 1999 I think - it could be retrofitted but not done very often because the case metalwork had to be cut by hand. So your desk is the best part of 23 years old... Fingers crossed that it still has some life left in it but being that old - it may have fallen foul of the most common fault - the STMain itself just fails. Try the ram sticks & floppy swap just in case but don't get too attached to it.
  4. @iamcyclops You don't specify which Frog it is... Is it a Frog/Fat Frog or LeapFrog/Solution? If the "removable cards" are long and slender and about 4 inches long - it sounds like a Frog/Fat Frog with STMain 1 - I don't think STMain2 had two ram slots (it's been a while since I looked at the ones I have). If it's a LeapFrog and the cards are small squares about 2inch square then it won't boot with two cards anyway. This link is to an image of an STMain2 Linky - does your mainboard look like that? If it's a Frog/Fat Frog then I would try removing one of the RAM sticks the
  5. Never say never - when I was your age - I was operating one of these - Strand Sunset and electronic control was a dream but 15 years it happened. Don't be in a rush - take it all in and enjoy yourself, if you're doing it "right" you'll end up with thousands of good memories.
  6. The Mainboard was common across the more recent LeapFrog/Solution series and the Frog 2 from memory (& probably the server boxes too). The connections are probably there for the Frog 2 which did support 4 universes. The boards are soft configurable to the unit/chassis they're being mounted in to but I suspect that "flipping the switch" to make the board believe it's in a Frog 2 (which would be the only way to enable outputs 3 & 4) would cause issues as the software/hardware would then hang looking for the touchscreen and the display hardware to support it. If you really need
  7. You're right to suspect the ambient temperature - chipsets do have optimum operating ranges which can cause flakiness if those ranges are exceeded, the chips in a desk might feel they're running "hot" but they might be not far off their maximum ambient. From experience there's enough margin in the limits to allow some very hot running but it's measured in hours not days... The case being "sealed" won't help either in extreme ambient conditions because of the lack of air movement. The other consideration might be - what else is "sharing" the power circuits that your desk is connected to? A
  8. It might be a "sizing" issue with the installer that can't read a 4gB drive - I do have a couple of "new old stock" 1gB drives that I bought "just in case" about 5 years ago. I've just tried one briefly to see if my PC will read it & it seems ok. Be happy to let one go for a reasonable sum if that proves to be the issue - email is ian at serviceguy dot co dot uk
  9. Even more impressively - some 25 years after the desk series was discontinued, folks still love the hardware & are finding innovative ways to use it.
  10. Nathan - it would be a good idea to replace the battery as the memory on the mainboard is used to save patch & show data & is usually run direct from the battery when the desk isn't powered up so with a failing battery, you'll find that you'll need to reload shows each time you power the desk on. The battery doesn't take long to swap - from memory it's a CR2032 - the most time will be opening the case to access the battery.
  11. Good news! If the Frog is sat in a corner and not being moved then a homebrew solution for the PSU if you have one about is going to be cheaper than buying a new spare.
  12. Yeah - the PSU's are switched mode so you won't get proper values without a load connected but to do that - ensure you've not got a desk lamp plugged in - just in case.
  13. Kevin's right - the 5 volt rail is probably ok but the 12v rail will cause issues with the floppy drive as I outlined above (is there a desk lamp plugged in? If this is faulty or a cheap one then this has been known to pull the 12v rail down). I've had a quick look at the schematics for the zero88 produced boards and they do seem to rely on the 5 volt rail but there were never published schematics for the STMain (they were considered unrepairable and designed outside of Zero88 from memory) so I don't know if the 12v rail is used on the processor board for LCD illuminators and so forth. I wo
  14. Glad to see you got sorted - dead Frogs are not a happy sight. I'm guessing the displaced power cable for the FDD caused a lack of response when the drive is "polled" to see if there's a disk inserted with upgrade software - the lack of power causing the drive not to be able to respond probably threw the software in to a "loop" waiting. I would hope that the loop is only programmed to take so many cycles (some drives might be slow initialising & responding) rather than wait forever.
  15. Yay - result! Glad you got sorted
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