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  1. iank99

    MKF Sub-PCB for Leapfrog Consoles

    Looking at the Schematic's for this PCB - there's a DIP switch on there that probably sets an "ID" for each PCB once it's in the desk - multiple boards will need a unique ID setting. Check that the board you put in has the same DIP switch settings as the board you removed... There's no processor as such on the PCB so there's no firmware to update - the ZerOS updates affect the processor board itself so doing an update won't cure the issue.
  2. iank99

    Grand master control of fixtures

    The noisy fan will be in one of the Performer Hex fixtures - they use a mass produced fan to cool the drivers and sometimes you get a rogue one that either has bearings that ages prematurely or the fan might have been not quite assembled properly. Talk to the dealer you bought them from if they're still in warranty - they might be able to swap it for a quieter fan BUT there's always some fan noise from these units, they're not thermostatically controlled so you have to accept a rise in the overall background noise level in the hall.
  3. iank99

    Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    I see Jon's multi-tasking as ever... Serving Ice creams in Edingburgh, console training and maintaining the forum 😉
  4. Not "new" to me - it's the £26 "not working" one that we talked about a few weeks ago... An hour on the bench and it's happy as larry - someone wasn't very careful when they replaced the battery and broke a PCB track without realising.
  5. It's not just you - the number buttons, "next" or the direct selector dropdown doesn't seem to work. The browser shows the URL for the page you want but nothing happens which suggests a backend issue in the forum software caused by database corruption or an bad index perhaps?
  6. iank99


    That's great news - at least you have a desk working for the moment - you can now consider what to do next and find someone to effect a repair if that's how you decide to proceed.
  7. iank99


    Also - plug any USB drive that you use for upgrading in to one of the USB sockets on the rear panel of the console (from memory - I think it's next to the RJ45 connector) as these are driven direct on the motherboard, this eliminates any issues caused by the onboard USB hub that drives the front panel USB sockets..
  8. iank99


    It might be that the flash disk has failed but from experience - I've never seen it happen, yours might just need re-seating. I can't remember the spec for the disk - it's a relatively small one being "old" tech and they do appear on eBay but I'm not sure whether you can load everything on to the disk whilst it's inside the desk. If you think that you need to go that route - it would be worth sending an eMail to Keith at Zero88 and asking his advice (KeithRogers@eaton.com)
  9. iank99


    The 'X' is the cursor generated by the X-windows subsystem in ZerOS as the operating system initialises. Did you notice before the desk got to this stage whether lots of text scrolled up the screen before it blanked and the 'X' appears? If you did, then the processor is probably running ok but it encountered an issue as it tried to initialise the graphics. If you feel confident opening the desk - I'd swap the internal battery (if you've never changed it - can never hurt doing, it's a CR2032) and whilst you're inside ensure that the flash disk is secure. The flash disk is a square device plugged on to the mainboard that holds the OS - sometimes they can work loose and just need reseating - a gentle push with your thumb is enough. The desk might reboot ok then - I've rarely found anything that stops these desks booting unless they've been really abused. It would also be worth unplugging anything plugged in to the USB ports on the desk such as keyboards, mice, phone chargers, lights or fans. The USB hub inside the desk doesn't provide a lot of current on the USB ports so anything that draws a lot of current like older USB items can cause boot issues - I think they're initialised as the X windows subsystem is "booted" hence your desk crashing. You shouldn't be plugging much USB in to the desk except newer keyboards, corded mice and flash sticks - if you need USB lights, fans, rocket launchers, mug warmers or what have you - then a powered USB hub is the way to run those. I would offer to come and look but I just noticed you're in the Phillipines - so that may be costly - might be time to research local Zero88 repair centres just in case
  10. iank99


    It should be ok but ask other folks who use the desk before you upgrade - the latest version of ZerOS "changes" the submasters in to "playbacks". They now control a playback stack which can be a single memory/cue so they react the same but the phraseology might confuse folks too much. I've had a couple of customers not update to the latest (and in one case revert the software) because of this, so it would be worth having a chat with folks unless you're the only major user.
  11. iank99

    Chilli Dimmers

    Not in the Chilli range... The iLight range uses the same chassis and shares some of the electronics of the Chilli range but offers a better mix of control protocols to replace existing architectural controls. The good news is - Keith Roger does some commissioning of iLight kit so he can answer some basic questions to get you started...
  12. iank99

    Fat Frog Update error..

    Yeah - it will be the battery. Fingers crossed it's a STmain2 desk with the 2032 cell onboard
  13. iank99

    Sirius 250

    Just to say - raystream found my website and also asked the question, I've passed on an old doc from the 90's that referred to upgrading the Sirius 250/500 storage tray and that had Bios settings detailed. Hopefully this will solve the issue and breath some life in to his desk
  14. iank99

    LF48 No Worky

    Is the desk being toured i.e. moved about a lot or is it "living" comfortably in a control room in a venue? There are a couple of likely faults depending on the answer to above. If you can't find a dealer to give you a sensible timeframe for sorting it then contact me and I'll see if I can help.
  15. iank99

    Zero 88 12/24 error code 003

    Kevin's hit the nail on the head - you need to Reset the desk in Super User - simple power cycling won't help.

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