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  1. Hi guys. We own both a Fat Frog and a Frog in our amatuer theatre. Recently we bought to lamps for the desk (12v, 5w) so that scripts could be read easily etc etc. However, the connections on these have become lose (I am trying to resolve this issue with the supplier), but it seems they are making the desk restart (It did it twice during a show tonight - Arrrghhh!!). I notice if you plug them in while the desk is booted it restarts also. Is this a problem with the desk? Perhaps something could be done about it? Thanks very much
  2. Do you have a Spec and Price for the new Frog?
  3. compynei


    Changes from show to show. We have 743s, patt 23s, profiles (not sure of brand, but theyre old - Hoping to get source 4s soon - Anyone got a price on these??) fresnels (strand quartet fs and a few others) par 64s, 123s, a few PCs and 2 scrollers. Amatuer theatre but made a contact with 4 mini mac profiles so hopefully bring those in!
  4. compynei


    Aha point taken about the plugs. I just went and found two leads hanging about instead of wiring up another one. Looking good so far
  5. compynei


    Took delivery of a Fat Frog and a Frog yesterday and from what I can see they are an excellent desk. Got some manual reading and playing to do yet. Anyone got any tips for a new user? And Zero88 - I'm pretty sure its illegal to sell an electrical product without a fitted plug!!
  6. Anyone know where I can get something like this in the UK? Thanks! http://www.pro-design.com.au/focus-pg.htm
  7. Cheers, I saw that but can't find any DJ lights, and the keyboard idea is no use as we have a very nice illuminated keyboard! Thanks
  8. Anyone got any ideas where to get two desk lights cheaply for a Frog and a Fat Frog? Thanks
  9. Have a look and email the guy at http://www.usedlighting.co.uk he supplies new and used ones. Excellent service from him. Neil
  10. Its been done and I didn't win. Well done to the guy who did (Gary from GLX Lighting). Theres always the next one - How long are they usually drawn after - that one took ages!!!
  11. Call it Ice. Something Silver and Sleek, a bit like the Sirius 500. Thats a very presentable desk.
  12. What about for winners of the caption competition on the main site? I also notice that it has not been drawn for a long time! Neil
  13. Hi, I'm Neil and I am only 16 years old! I am an enthusiastic amatuer at the moment, however want to take it to a professional level after A-Level completion, onto Uni I guess. I have been involved with mainly stage lighting for about 3 years, starting off at school with a manual analouge strand console, and 3 analouge dimmers. I begun by lighting a Christmas Concert, then the school band (that was alot of fun - press a flash key - no programming and it worked very well). I then moved up in the world and got a new strand 300 series desk which I was later to find out to be an awful desk. I joined my local amatuer theatre (quite lucky as it is a fairly big organisation that have some funding - we are not flush but they can spend enough to have a decent show). My local theatre was Bolton Little Theatre where everyone is an amatuer http://www.blt.org.uk and I begun using a Zero88 Sirius 48 Console, on some old powermaster DMX dimmers and some Zero88 Betapacks. I joined the little theatre about August last year, and after reading lots of books, taking advice on different aspects and lots of practical work in March 2004 I was made Head of Lighting. (There had not been a head of lighting since I started, I believe she walked out after a dispute). Our Sirius 48 sadly died a few weeks back, and I now have on order one Fat Frog (for the main stage) and one Frog (for the studio theatre). Within 3 years I intend to replace the old Powermaster dimmers with 6 Chilli Jrs, add to my intelligent lighting collection (at the moment I have 2 scrollers - not much but its a start - and 2 more on order). Depending on future requirements we may go for some Macs. I also intend to purchase some Source 4s to add to our collection of Parcans, Floods, Fresnels and Profiles. We have alot of Generic lighting. I am beginning to turn the department around, with new guidelines for working on shows and the new equipment. Also - In Sepetember I start at College, and someone has promised me a slot on the team with himself to start using more advanced equipment. Oh - and I've also done Sound work - however its not my forte!
  14. Just a few last points - can't wait to get it and I will read the manual. What exactly do the submasters do? And I notice the Fat Frog can take 12 moving lights, can the Frog take any? Not really important ATM as we have none - but when we get them (probably be used on the Main Stage) but if we used them in the Studio? I take it that it is possible to use them but in a different way? Thanks
  15. Excellent, Thanks Sam! Keyboards are much easier, especially in the interface the frog seems to use (DOS Based?). That is the reason we went for the same series. And programming (when using the Phantom Frog) seems so much easier, however I can't seem to figure how to programme a chase at all, nevermind into the memory! Guess it will all come to me when I get the Frogs, placing the order tomorrow so should be good! Thanks for all your help! I'll stick around as you lot look like a useful bunch!
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