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  1. I see it has been mentioned before. The theme of that thread, however, was mainly about either marketing a speduckt keyboard or modifying an existing one. I just feel that this suggestion provides a simple (or so it looks from the outside) programatic change and greatly enhances the usability of the desk.
  2. I think this would only work if the desk had dedicated RUN and PROGRAM Modes like the Sirius 24 /48 as how would you be able to get to unprogramed memories if you had no keyboard? The way I see this working is that a function key would be bound to the auto/force sequence function. When this function was invoked, the desk would then skip unprogrammed cues. So I suppose this could be called RUN/PROGRAM mode switch.
  3. Something that I read in a previous thread that was a problem with running a fade while in either edit or blind edit mode. OK, this is probably more applicable in blind edit. What was mentioned is that while you editing a memory blind, if you trigger the next cue, the one you are editing will fade to output. So my suggestion is that you build an auto sequence or forced sequence function that run the next memory in the queue after the one that is currently live without worrying about what is currently being edited or manipulated. Another thing that I think this could extend to is that if you are running through the cue list using the +/- keys on the main console, the desk will skip over memmories that have not been programmed. Thanks for listening
  4. I have grown to really like the frog desks and the quirks but I have one small peeve. I would like to appologise up front if this has already been mentioned but I thought it would be nice to map the function keys on the external keyboard to specific fields on the memories or submasters screen. For eg: mapping F5 to the Fade Up Field and F6 to the fade down time, etc.
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