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  1. Alas, the time has come to part with one of my leap frogs. Its hardly been used, is in immactualte condition, and you've all got 2 weeks to get your offers in before it goes on ebay or blue room! Desk available in 3 weeks time. email me if interested.
  2. Hi folkes! Im in need of a frog box, a frog screen, a leap frog, bull frog or mambo frog console as im expanding my zero 88 stock due to new venues. cash waiting. Goldenscans always wanted!!!!! Im also putting this add on blue room, so you all know! Regards Brendan
  3. You know you are a frog addict when your frog lives in your bedroom! Can anyone beat that?
  4. Good point mr Techno dog! Ill get the insulating tape out....... But if you can take my point on board for the future, that'd be great!
  5. To be perfectly honest im used to the jands event/esp II range of consoles, and how the speed control works on them is a little different. The speed of a chase is controlled by the speed controller and not built into the chase program. So by turning the chase control knob, you alter the speed of all stored chases, running or not. Perhaps we could have this as an option on the programming menu? :idea: each man to his own, some people prefer to store the chase speed with a programmed chase, but me, i prefer to play around with the speed knob live! Can you help me? PLease?
  6. with the new frog software i can change the speed of chases running, but when i fade up a new chase ie to fade in the rear par cans, it come in at the programmed speed, not at the speed of the chase already runnning. i then have to turn the chase speed to "pick up" the control of the chase speed and then they run at the same speed. What i want is to fade it in at the speed set by the chase speed control, not to have to mess around with the speed of it! see what i mean? This is on a leap frog by the way!
  7. since getting my leap frog, and then upgrading the software from 1.9 to 9.6, then setting up 12k in par cans in the living room, much to the girlfriends delight 8O i have hit upon a new idea for the chase spped control and modifiers. what i would like to see as on option when generating a chase, is basically a function that allows me to run that chase at a speed that is currently set on the chase speed control, not the spped control that was programmed when creating the chase. this would allow me to fade in a chase at exactly the same spped as the one that is running at the time, and not by its programmed speed. I think this would be quite a useful little tool. I would like it as an option, so i could, for example, program my scans for a slow sweep that would run by the programmed speed, but still have spped control over the par cans chases... Am i making sense? hope a few more of you agree with me, or am i about to have 12 replies telling me i can do this already? :oops: another bright idea from dmx256 :idea: :idea: :idea:
  8. Well my freshly acquired leap frog is in need of some protection. a hammer was nearly used on it until i realised the software had never been updated :twisted: anyway. i need a flightcase. if you have one for sale let me know.
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