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  1. Take one scene from one saved show disk and...place it on another saved show disk as another scene? Thank you for not laughing at me. -Lokfreek
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    Thank you sp. This board is obviously a great resource... -lokfreek
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    Thanks for the really quick reply sp. I have been trying to read up on the Phantom Frog...but have not quite grasped what it is yet...gonna keep reading. My reasoning in wanting to have a copy of the channel output is to make sure that Light so-an-so is supposed to be set at 45% and Light such-and-such is always set at 68%. This way (now keep in mind I am new to this world of programming lights) I can keep track and understand what each of our lights are doing and that the settings remain consistent. I am sooooo open to suggestions on handing this better. Did I mention that I am new to this? Thanks again. -lokfreek
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    Hello Ya'll, Using a Bullfrog..new to light programming and this board. Work for a church with volunteers. Need to keep record of the values of each channel output for consistency throughout services. Is there a way to save to disk...these Desk Channel Outputs pages? Ulitmately, I would like to print it out and have on hand next to the lightboard to verify nothing has changed on the settings. Thank you for helping this newbie out. -lokfreek
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