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  1. Hi Thanks John, that did it! Seemed a very long winded procedure, but it seems to have worked OK. I would never have guessed that was the way through but I will know now that resetting the board seems to be a key element. Just hope that when I use it in the show it was worth the effort! Cheers Steve
  2. Hi Thanks for the suggestions. I tried them but still, the Frog will always reverts to just one mode for each fixture. It always seems to be whichever one is put onto the lower of the fixture buttons, as if this overides the next one. I tried re-naming the Manufacturer in the Fixture Editor but still the same. When I use Assign Fixture for the 2nd mode, it loads the correct file from disc but as soon as I go to the Assign "button" in renames the fixture to whatever the previous fixture was, as if the desk will only allow one mode for that fixture. I will e-mail you the files for you to see if I have done something wrong. Thanks for your help. Steve OrionFull.ift Default Orion Bar.ift
  3. Hi I have a LED Bar (Lanta). I have successfully made 2 profiles for it using the fixture editor. Really pleased when they worked. However, I'd like to use the fixture in 2 different modes during the show, one mode before intermission, one after, and I have access to the bar to change its' mode. The reason is that it has some really good chases pre-programmed but not in a single colour which I need for Act 1. The problem I have is that the Fat Frog reverts to just one mode for the 2 fixture buttons I have put the Bar onto, no matter which one I select. Is this due to a signal being received from the Bar that tells the Frog which mode it is in? Am I asking the impossible and you can only set up a fixture in one mode? Thanks Steve
  4. Hi I am very confused as to how I can run a programmed show from the cue stack but add chases into scenes manually. Do I program the cues as normal, then put the board into partial mode, and then set up a chase on an unused cue, transer it to a submaster, then raising the sub will in effect add the chase without altering the programmed cue set-up. I haven't ever got to grips with partial mode but willing to give it a go. What I really want is a bank of chases that can be called on in a show when I need them. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Steve
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