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  1. I had a very odd crash in DMX patch last night! I am using v5 while waiting for live control of chase speed so you may already know of / have cleared this one. When going into DMX patch some of the three viewable channels were "missing". I left super user and went back in to patch and then different channels were "missing". A reboot cured it. I hope this is a v5 thing and hence nothing needs doing but it wasn't devastating anyway. Dave
  2. I am not trying to suggest that you make an £8000 lighting board for £2000, I am trying to cut to the chase (oops) for the minimum functionality required for future upgrades. I realise there are issues with software writing etc that you have to deal with. This is a great lighting board! I think we are all trying to help! Dave B ps still on v5 until this is resolved.
  3. I am worried that the argument concerning live chase speed modification is getting over complicated and hence not being implemented! The simplist solution would work ie when a chase is selected and then edit, or another button is pressed live chase control would be available. This would not need to be recorded as a change. We all might want more but this is the minimum requirement, akin to the Sirius 24/48 live control option on a chase. Dave B
  4. Sounds like a good list to me! If any get cut, channel control and fade all intensity channels to zero would be enough, though all on list would be good. Dave B
  5. When using the Frog for theatre shows I have found it best to lock the screen on the output window. It would be nice to be able to briefly view other windows. I would suggest that pushing the memory/submaster buttons showed the appropriate windows for as long as you held them. Would this be possible? Does anyone else want this? Cheers Dave B
  6. A request from several LDs working for me. Would it be possible for the submaster flash button lights to also show which submasters contain states? The lights could be on to show programmed submasters and then flash to off for held submasters. Would anyone else like this feature? Any other suggestions? Dave B
  7. Is this related to a problem an LD working for me had recently? When leaving edit mode, used to edit a chase, the 'saving show please wait' message appeared. it scrolled to 17% and then the board locked. Apparently the only way out was to power down the board and reboot. Any comments? Dave B
  8. I checked yesterday. If you are not using Playback X you can alter the chase speed live as I described, with the addition of having to take the chase speed control 'through' the current programmed position to 'pick up' the speed. Playback X master must be at zero. This doesn't appear to affect other things on the board including other running chases. Once you have picked up chase speed you can hit Enter hence releasing the Edit functions but retaining speed control for that chase. In essence it appears that chase speed is 'with' the last edited chase so you can always alter chase sp
  9. I checked yesterday and this has been cured in version 5! I only checked on monitor with screen locked on output, but I assume the DMX follows. Dave B
  10. The solution to remote operation could be to fit a "DMX in" to the desk then there are lots of cheap products out there that can send DMX to the desk. The problem would then be how the DMX information was interpreted by the Frog. I would suggest a "post patch" approach where DMX 1 was read as desk channel 1 and so on. Dave, dB
  11. I think I have managed to alter the chase speed live! I seem to remember that you select the chase in the memory window then hit edit followed by down arrow then the chase speed control becomes active. I might be wrong since it was a while ago and anyway I do remember it being messy. Dave, dB
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