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  1. Have a feeling that AJ942, hadnt realized that with the desk in Full Mode all outputs are recorded, and as such when firing off subs, it was affecting his movers. Have a read up on Partial Programming, makes busking a Show, a whole lot easier !! Tom
  2. Hi, Would you believe it...but the same problem has happened yet again.!! I have tried a few options and it seems the wheel is just naffed. as I dont get a reading in Test Mode, or standard running. Would K-Nine be able to give me a number of Z88 tech support, as I think I need sum new wheels !! Thanks Tom.
  3. Hey, Just to say, that ive noticed exactly the same problem, and wondering whether z88 have come up with a fix for it that Ive missed ? Cheers Tom.
  4. Hey, Soz for the late reply, Please see... http://www.eslonline.co.uk/29thtour01.asp and the rest off www.eslonline.co.uk for other information about our previous concerts. Im afraid theyres only a few rather bad pics on that page, as I was running the show at the time, and Dan didnt rly get on with my camera..so all the pics that were taken were appaling...these are just a couple that happen to be infocus.. When we get sum more events, I will try and get sum decent pics of them. All the best. Tom.
  5. Rite, Ive got the desk back, as it was out on Hire. I got it back yesterday, flashed it up, uploaded the latest fixture profile, and the Wheel now works !! I am totally at a loss as to what happened or how it was fixed, but basically it now works and the desk is back to normal again ! Sorry to have brought it up, but I was getting worried about it ! I can only assume it was a loss connection, or the desk needed a gd reboot or sumthing...but watever I or the Hirer did,..it now works... All The Best ! Tom.
  6. The wheel fails to work for ALL Attributes, on all the fixture profiles ive tried for several fixtures.. So, where colour is usually controlled on this middle wheel, i can no longer change the colour value...same for Gobo, which is usually middle wheel, cant change that...and Tilt, which again I would have on the middle wheel; I am unable to change. Tom
  7. Hi, Instead of starting a new thread, thought id continue this one. Vry similar problem as above, in that the middle scroll wheel does not work when trying to control a fixture. In Test mode, I can see the wheels values changing, so the desk seems to know wats happening, altho when a fixture is selected, moving the Wheel does nothing.. The other two wheels work fine..yet this one refuses. I have reflashed the desk with the latest software update, and checked the fixture profile (Robe Spot160XT) in the Fixture Type Editor, and through out all seems fine. Just no response out of the desk.. Any Thoughts ? Cheers Tom.
  8. Hey, Just to let you know the event was a Complete Success !! Will see if I can find sum pic's. Many Thanks for all your reliable help as always Tom
  9. Wow, that would be gr8 !! Unfortunatly I dont have enough money to be able to get WYSIWYG, but from the screen grabs ive seen, its an amazing desinging aid !! Thank You Tom
  10. Hi Sam, Yeah gd point, (must remember a Jack to Jack) Thanks for ur ideas, I was thinking sumin along the same lines. Apparently I have 2 Winch T-Stands Available, so my intention was to put a 160XT and 2 PAR's on each stand and have them sat either side of the room a couple of metres in front of the stage, which would allow the robes to scan the audience nicely. Then a MAC either side as u said SL and SR, and then the other two MAC's on Boxes BSC. with like 2metes gap between them... So can light from Back, Side and Front..which should make quite a cool effect with sum colours and gobos thrown in. Im thinking of making up a couple of variations using the FROG, on STOL, and a pile of my own chases and scenes thrown in for gd measure... Any ideas of colour washs that mix well...Ive found a nice Magenta wash with Yellow Gobos scanning round work well.. And oh yeah, Ive been told they are going to be doing Break Dancing Competitions..so would a few strobing chases be a gd idea ? Thanks for your help !! Tom
  11. Hi Guys, Hoping you can help me out, Ive got an event coming up shortly where Ive been asked to do the LX for a HipHop group. Kit wise we have: 4 x MAC250 Kryptons 2 x ROBE 160XT's 4 x PAR64's and 1 4ch Dimmer Pack 1 x Fat Frog Now I feel thats a nice selection of kit for the small venues we are doing, and I do have many many hours behind me both Oping and Designing, but all my previous work has either been Theatre stuff or Rock Bands. The PAR's are gonna be open white and used for front lighting the group. So, theres a far amount of other lights for colours and gobos. As per usual I intend to make up a pile of presets and chases and call them from subs, for the show as I havent heard theyre music yet. So..if anyone out there has lit these kinds of events or got any gd ideas for HipHop style stuff, then I would most grateful.. Cheers in advance ! Tom
  12. Hi, been watching the forums for a while so thought I had better fill this in. Im Tom, im 18 and from Southampton UK. Just finishing my A-Levels (woohoo !!) Myself and my best m8 run a newly formed Sound and Lighting Sales/Hire company, which we set-up about 2 months ago. We have built up a nice stock of kit..inc the fantastic Fat Frog along with a selection of Robe 160XT's and PAR 64's. Tis a small lx rig atm, but we have plans to expand once we find sum more money ! Mainly we are looking to tech for Bands and Concerts..and have got a far amount of experience, and abouot to add to it a 1 week tour with a christian group around west london. Intrests wise, I help out at a local amdram club, and a keen model boat/car/rocket builder and user. Cheers Tom
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