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  1. Hi Jon, did you get the showfile? Torsten
  2. Hello, last weekend i had a show with the LeapFrog 48 running the latest firmware. I patched the faders 25 - 45 as generic dimmers on universe 2 and connected the universe 2 to the dmx input on the frog to use the faders as submaster "extension". That works great, but after programming the show (several cues and chases on the submasters) and playing back the show some strange problems came up. First i cleared everthing and raised a submaster (e.g. fader 28) to play back a chase. Then i selected my fixtures and pointed them with the help of the position palette to a before recorded postition. I raised another submaster wich holds an effect for the fixtures. Everthing works great. Then i selected some other effects and chases with the submasters. I used the palette to change color, beamshape and postion. And now after playing back for about 15 minutes i want to change a dimmer chase on a submaster. And now the strange things happens. The chase is played back but not every programmed step is played back. Some dimmer channels were just skiped. I programmed the chases using Shift + Record, so that tracking shoulndt be the issue. This becomes even worse when i trie to use another chase. So after 25 Minutes only one dimmer channel was up. I pressd Clear once and had another strange behaviour. Pressing Clear once cleared the hole stage! That was very annoying. I thought that pressing once the Clear button only clears the Programmer and the selection of fixtures and not the whole output of the desk. Yes i know that the faders used as submaster extension are cleared when i press Clear two times, so i planed the show to have the main channels on the real submasters. Can you please try to test this. Regard Torsten
  3. Hi, is it possible to create an effect that i can record to a submaster which then controlls the size of the effect? For example: Sine on Tilt with no speed and no size asigned recorded to submaster 1.1 So the position of the submasterfader controlls the size and a second submaster should controll the speed. When i record an effect with sine on tilt, speed set to 20 and size to 20 then record it to a submaster and tell the submaster to controll effects then i can only controll the speed with the position of the submaster. Is this kind of programming possible? Regards Torsten
  4. Hello, i´ve noticed that in Version 5.4.0 on Leap Frog 48 is a little bug. When you have selected several fixtures and open the the Effects Window to create a custom effect the descriptional text in the wheel LCD disappears (Size, Speed, Offset). No heavy bug but strange that this works fine on the Phantom. Then i have found a new "window". When you hold SHIFT and press a SUBMASTER FLASH Button then a window called "User definable Faders" and "User definable Keys" comes up. The User definable Faders seems to be the Submasters but the Keys are not useable. I think this feature is for the Frog 2 and Orb because i can not find any hints for this in the manual or release notes. Regards Bilderbuch
  5. Hello Peter, thank you for the detailed reply. I really appreciate that. And i´m not so sad as it souns on my post above. You Guys have allways corrected every error i found. You do a great Job. I´m very interesstet in what is comming soon Thanks Bilderbuch
  6. Hello Carl, sorry for my late reply. I do now understand what you mean. I´ve been working with a GrandMA the last times and really like the "all in one" palette there. But for smaller shows i do allways prefer the LeapFrog48. Unfortunately i´ve got a litte bit the feeling that Zero88 is more focusing on the ORB than the longer existing LeapFrogs. There are some usefull user feature requests which are somehow ignored. That´s a little bit sad i think. Bilderbuch
  7. Hello Carl, i don´t really understand what you mean. As is unterstand you right, you can use the submasters or memories as ALL-IN-ONE "palette". You can store everthing you want on the submasters and when you need it just load it or play it back. So maybe i didn´t understand you?
  8. Hello, my Leap Frog 48 freezes when i try to delete a position palette. The Leap Frog runs the new 5.2.2 version. I have to switch off the desk and restart to continue. Updating or overwriting works fine. By the way are there some news about the iphone remote? Regards Bilderbuch
  9. Hello, are there some news about the iPhone Remote? I´m also very interested in such a software. Regards Bilderbuch
  10. Hello, i had the same problems this weekend. With 5.0 and 5.1 the macros (user defined) und groups doesn´t work. Is it possible to switch back to 4.4.4 just as long as you will fix it? Regards Bilderbuch
  11. Hello Peter, i know the Highlight function. So i think a combination could be usefull. Regrads Bilderbuch
  12. Hello Peter, it also think it would be practical to use the arrow keys to "highlight and step" throug the selected fixtures (either selected by groups or selected with the MFK´s). It would be great that when you´ve selected some fixtures then with a key kombination (like pressing left and right key together) a popup window in the external screen apears where a list of selected fixtures is shown und you could step throug them with the arrow keys or the touchscreen. If you could combine this feature with a "highlight" of the selected fixture then it would be very easy to position the fixture set the colors an so on. Regards Bilderbuch
  13. Hello Stephen, do you run Windows Vista on your two pc´s? I´ve encountered that the installer just finds an usb drive under Windows XP. I also tried it under Vista (SP1) several times but didn´t get it working. On a XP machine erverthing worked fine. Maybe this is a littel bug. Regards Bilderbuch
  14. Hello Peter, thank you i thought as much. So i will purchase a Lightconverse licence. Bilderbuch
  15. Hello, i know that i can visualise over ethernet everthing from my Leap Frog with Capture Polar like it is mentioned in the manual. But is also possible like with Lightconverse to have bidirectional connection so that i can for example position my movings in Capture an the console takes that values? And so is it also possible that the frog takes the patch from Capture? Regards Bilderbuch
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