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  1. HELP ME!!!!! I need to program a chase for a conferance tommorow, i have not been using the fat frog (or any lights, im a sound guy) for long. i have read the fat frog manual (front to back) and have tried a few times to program a chase. i press memory, select a clear number. The i press and hold the memory type button to change to chase, set my first step, then press program. just like it says to do in the manual. but NOTHING happens, it doesnt show what it says it should on the screen, apparently it should show <step 1 > next step <xxx> and all that stuff, but it doesnt it just returns to the memory screen and resets the memory type back to a scene. it is doing my head in, and if i cant get it sorted by tomorrow afternon i am going to have real problems. i could use shape generators, but they wont give me the exact positioning i need. if you know what is causeing this problem please post here and also forward a copy of your reply to mailto:bsmason@btopenworld.com Thanks B Mason
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