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  1. nope...it's still there! http://www.saodesign.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/frogprogram.htm Then you click on It does run on PowerPoint, so that could be the problem. HTH ooo btw - you can download a viewer from MS. Nick
  2. nickwoolley


    Must say TopSet would be pretty useful! Has anyone found a work around to do a similar thing during a live running show?
  3. Hi, Why do you want to do that, we can then help with your situation. HTH Nick
  4. Hi, Defo = definite HTH Nick
  5. Yep I'm with SP on this one... Take it back to the person you bought it from, they should sort it for you Nick
  6. Sam, Yea I’ll have a look. I'll try and find them and an approx amount... the word on the grapevine is that we have them... somewhere....! HTH Nick
  7. No, I'm a Northerner - so it’s Newcastle Branch for me! Just work the Saturday shifts though. Nick
  8. Hi Sam, I think we do at Stage LX. Probs best to contact you’re nearest branch. I'll check tomorrow when I am in... HTH Nick
  9. take that as a no! lol Nick
  10. nickwoolley


    Hi, I am about to purchase HP iPAQ Pocket PC h4100 to give you its proper name! I was wondering will i be able to control the fat frog, or phantom frog via the PDA , using some type of DMX adaptor? Any ideas would be appreciated, Nick
  11. oi! sp! Its a easy thing to miss and as you said you did it urself! Nick :twisted:
  12. Heya, bit confused desk went in fine and everything works super but... when setting a chase, (this worked fine the first time, how it should) i.e.. fader 1 up programme step fader 1 down fader 2 up programme step and so on so when playing back it would go step 1 - channel 1 step 2 - channel 2 etc etc however later on in the night , I was programming on the desk and when doing a chase this happened: fader 1 up programme step 1 FADER DOWN on preset however lantern stay lit Main LCD says that I am now on step 2 (2*) I try moving the preset and grandmaster faders to 0 - no affect move the playback x fader down and the light goes off move playback x back up and the light on fader 1/ channel 1 comes back on so I now programme step two , thinking it is just showing me what was my last step... however when I play back the chase all I get is an addition chase, for example: step 1 - channel 1 step 2 - channel 1 and 2 step 3 - channel 1 and 2 and 3 however at each step only the last channel number on each step (as above) as had its fader up. I'm confused!?! any ideas what's wrong Nick speed would be appreciated...
  13. Hey all, Recently got those NJD lights to work with the Fat Frog and they work super! ... However when putting a chase with a mover onto the submasters , when I raise the fader it starts but when i lower it the chase keeps the last move ie. green on a tree.... or something like that! Sp and I came up with the idea of having one of the submasters set to lamp off for the lantern, so when you want the chase to stop all you have to do is bring that fader up, that works fine, but is there a easier way? To turn the lamp on and to go to blackout you use beamshape instead of brightness because you cant dim it! Nick :idea:
  14. Thanks very much guys, that rests my fears on the new desk that school got yesterday, thought it was going to have to go back! Shock Horror! :evil:
  15. This sounds really silly... but... just wondering when you flash either a flash button on the presets or on the submasters is the led in the flash button meant to light up. also when you take one of the faders on the presets up is the led light meant to come on and also when you are using playback x to playback the memories are the corresponding led's meant to light up on the flash buttons when the channels are being used? thanks very much Nick :x
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