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  1. Many thanks Paul with the help you gave in sorting out the problems I was having with 10.8. There was also the matter of every button becoming a GO button that you found. Clearly this also needs sorting. I will stick with 10.4 until you manage to get a revised version with all the problems sorted that we discussed. It should be possible to make up a lighting state from a mixture of faders and submasters and also an existing cue without finding that each cancels out the previous tagging or that you have to move the A master to tag everything. When plotting a busy show by the end of an evening the brain gets tired and its easy to overlook moving the A master. The end result could be having to spend further time replotting and trying to explain to an irate director that doesnt understand the technical aspects of plotting a show. So many actors and directors just think all we have to do before each show is push a button and it all happnes. They dont see the hours of planning, rigging and focussing that take place before you reach the technical rehearsal
  2. Came across another problem this weekend. If you are using the desk for a play and the cast suddenly jump half a page and you have used the tracking and you need to jump a cue or more then what you get on stage looks nothing like what you wanted. ie. if you are in cue 20 and in cue 21 a light goes out and another comes on and you have to jump to cue 22 then at cue 22 neither of these two lights will change.It is now necessary to tag every Generic channel before recording the cue.I can see no advantage with the tracking feature. The explanation in the release notes under Replaying Memories 1.5 makes no sense. It gives the impression that a problem has been solved whereas it should read that there is now a problem jumping cues. The explanation is ambiguous. In previous versions all channels generic were tagged when recorded and if a channel went to zero in one cue it then was at zero in the next cue if not recorded. Now this is not the case when a cue is jumped.
  3. Having had the 10.8 software installed I now have a major problem plotting a show. Sometimes the tracking works and at other times it doesnt. When you take out a channel fader the tracking wont recognise the channel change and you get the message "Nothing to Record" When I play back the show all the cues are nothing like the ones plotted. Previous to plot a Blackout I just dropped the Grand master leaving all faders and submasters set and then pressed Record. Worked with version10.4. Now with version 10.8 it doesnt work and it is impossible to get a blackout even after returning all faders to zero and pressing record. Play the blackout cue and all lights from previous cue are still on. The only solution i have found to correct the problem was to cancel the tracking before I record a cue by moving the A/B Playback masters. Am I the only one to have this problem? What is the solution. Is version 10.8 full of problems? Please advise and help. With version 10.4 I never had a problem. I also now have problems with running two Mac 250's on submasters for effects. Set them with the submaster ready for the next effect. Play a cue and they just go to the home positioon with lamp at full brightness. Only solution is to plot them in the cue. This is not the solution when one wants to run a show "Live" without plotting the effect into the cue.
  4. Many thanks for the reply. I will try doing that.
  5. Having now put version 10.4 software on the bullfrog desk it stated in the release notes that the submasters would default to a zero time . I saved my patch and fixtures before installing then after installing version 10.4 loaded back the "blank" show with patch and fixtures. I now find that all the submasters still seem to have a 3 second up and down time despite what was in the release notes. How can i rectify this problem so i get a zero time without having to reset the timing on every submaster
  6. Having just upgraded my Bullfrog desk to version 10.4 I find that after a while the keyboard cant be used until I re-boot the desk. I never had this problem before . Is it a bug in version 10.4. What is the solution please Tony Berry
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