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  1. ramacar

    Auto Menus

    I just installed the 4.4.4 software into our Leap Frog 48 a few days ago and also discovered the problem with the auto menu. I have 4 Mac 250 Entours. The 4.4.4 will not talk to them in enhanced mode, not even to home them, nor will the color palette load. Everything works fine in 15 ch. mode. Certainly must be a bug. Bob Macar, Dream State, Inc., Tampa
  2. ramacar


    Sparky- thanks for the reply. I got the desk updated eventually. My error was moving the file to the USB stick instead of running the installer to load the USB stick. I'm more familiar with the Mac OS and was assuming the move function was like drag and drop. My bad. Thanks again. Bob
  3. ramacar


    I'm trying to update the Leapfrog 48 to 4.4.4 without success. The board lists the file under "load show" option but does not list the file under "update software" option. I've reformatted the USB drive several times and tried moving the file several times to no avail. What am I missing? Bob
  4. ramacar

    Leap Frog 48 Crashed

    I was able to get the board to start up by removing the USB memory stick and switching off and on again. It says to check screen for details, but I don't have a screen hooked up right now, so will check later. Have to load the truck. Fortunately, we have an NSI board we can use if necessary. Hopefully, we won't need that. I'll follow up later.
  5. ramacar

    Leap Frog 48 Crashed

    I'm having the same problem right now. I just loaded the software off the memory stick; it said to turn the desk off and back on to complete the process; it has now been displaying "loading...please wait" for about twenty minutes. Not good. We have a show six hours from now. If any of you techies are reading, help. I'm going to try to reset the board and reload the old software if I can. We're leaving to set-up soon, but will try to get on the internet later today. If a phone call is possible please call me. Bob, Tampa, FL 813-486-6484

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