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  1. Philbik

    UDK problem

    Hi Edward Many thanks for the information and I feel better knowing it wasn't something obvious! I'll follow this up tomorrow (Thursday) evening if I have an opportunity. I did setup all four UDKs in the past with channel data, three of which were based on single channels but this would have been a couple of years ago and I've updated the software a couple of times since then. Thanks again. Phil
  2. Philbik

    UDK problem

    Hello Edward Many thanks for the response, and please see my responses below. You say you tried deleting the UDK, what happened when you did? This appears to work as expected. After deletion, the UDK3 display in the fader window is empty apart from the "3".. When you tap RECORD, does the UDK flash? Yes, if it's empty (e.g. just deleted). If you tap RECORD and then tap the UDK what happens? Set fader 5 (house lights) to 100% then tap record followed by the key for UDK3. UDK3 display in the faders window now shows "3 Fixture [5] House" and not the "3 Channel Data", etc. that I was expecting. Pressing UDK3 doesn't bring up the house lights and the only apparent change is the <[5] House> which appears in the command bar, as shown in the attached image. So I'm guessing that UDK3 is saving "fixture" data (?) and not channel data and I've tried to find a setting elsewhere that might affect this, but without success. Regards Phil
  3. Philbik

    UDK problem

    Yes, already tried that!
  4. Philbik

    UDK problem

    I seem to have a problem programming a UDK as a playback, which is something I've done many times in the past but in this instance UDK #3 seems to have gone into an unusual mode (all the other three UDKs are behaving as expected). I tried recording a playback onto UDK #3 but this failed. If I press "setup" and the UDK then the expected flash mode/mix mode/release/etc popup doesn't appear and all I see is the image as shown in the attached screenshot which appears to be related to macros/functions? I've tried deleting the UDK and programming again but still see the same. I'm guessing that the UDK may have a configuration setting elsewhere that I haven't yet been able to find? Phil
  5. Philbik

    Strange FLX behaviour

    The desk did something similar today, this time running the show from playback 0 for a rehearsal. About 3/4 of the way through the up/down arrow keys (which I was using to move up and down the stack) started to work in only about 1 in 5 keypresses. Also the "clear" key LED was lit (as I'd made some manual changes) but pressing the "clear" key didn't make the LED go out or clear the changes. A power off and on restored normal operation again, so presumably this is some form of hardware intermittency? Rehearsals continue all week with the show starting on Thursday so the timing isn't ideal (is it ever!?) and any advice would be welcome, please. Phil
  6. I was programming our FLX this afternoon (using the master playback stack to record a show) when it appeared to partially lock-up. The page up/page down buttons on the multi-function faders started to work only occasionally, and the "clear" and "setup" buttons stopped working. There may have been other functions that didn't work but I didn't try everything, and just switched the power off and back on again and everything came back to normal. Firmware is 7.9.1. I did disconnect the external keyboard but that didn't appear to make any difference. We also had an external touchscreen connected. I'm hoping this is a one-off glitch but is there anything else I could try if it happens again? Phil
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