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  1. JTorsson

    Light Sky TX1810 Beam

    ...and here is the fixture profile for Light Sky TX1810 Beam, Standard DMX mode 17ch. LightSky TX1810 Beam - Standard 17Ch.ift
  2. JTorsson

    Light Sky TX1810 Beam

    Wrong DMX chart! My fault! I was linking to the US version of Light Sky 1810 FX beam. Attached you can find the correct manual to Light Sky TX1810 Beam I just got from the Swedish retailer. Standard mode is 17 channels on this version, NOT 16ch. Sorry Jörgen Torsson Light Sky TX1810 Beam.pdf
  3. JTorsson

    Light Sky TX1810 Beam

    Thx :-)
  4. Anyone have a fixture profile for Light Sky TX1810 Beam? Standard DMX mode, 16 channel. http://nebula.wsimg.com/7b7875967ba6b5e967f7d5c6439aa263?AccessKeyId=6704A21145A510BE4ECC&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 http://www.tourprolighting.com/lightsky-fx-1810-.html Br Jörgen Torsson
  5. JTorsson

    Updating the list of Compatible Touch Screens

    iiyama ProLite T1731SR works with ZerOS 7.8 /Jörgen
  6. JTorsson

    Touch Screens (Dec 2013)

    I use iiyama ProLite T1731SR and it works with ZerOS 7.8 Jörgen
  7. Don´t forget to take a look at the visualization program Capture, I´ll think it´s cheaper. http://www.capturesweden.com/ They are the official partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.
  8. JTorsson

    International Topic

    It´s fascinating to see the geographical spread of Frogsupport-member, South Africa, India, Australia, South Korea, China, Any where! :? , Dubai, Russia... and of course USA and the countries in Europe. It would be nice if everybody in their "profile" write both city and country in the "Location"line. Even better, if K-Nine replace the "Location" with both "Country" and "City".

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